Prediction League 2001/2

Last updated : 13 May 2002 By Firparkcorner
This season's league has finished with the top five players all within a point of each other. Phil edged out Chris with a higher points average.

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1Phil Swainston2 135576
2Chris Hutton1 238076
3James Reid3 138375
4Geoff Baby2 340175
5Eunice Stewart2 140575
6Gillian McAuley1 340072
7Alistair Stewart2 140571
8Andrew Stewart1 240069
9Frankie Simpson3 140369
10Martin Allan1 338067
11Kodge Simpson2 140567
12Dave Wardrope1 340065
13Gordon Stewart1 140165
14Roy Purcell1 240063
15Alan Mason2 034362
16Stuart Reid3 039262
17Anne Wilson1 140162
18Carol Hannah2 139561
19John Simpson2 240161
20Ernie Romer3 139360
21Andy Paterson3656
22Alan Black2 433155
23Anne Dalton0 138155
24T J Robertson1 134154
25Stephen Moore2 036354
26Scott Hannah2 139554
27Mark Hannah2 139554
28Allan Smith1 140154
29Kimberly Hannah3 139353
30Remi Nicholson2 140552
31Darren Wood2 037351
32Frank Rennie2 133550
33Lynsey Allan1 138150
34Ali McNay2 134549
35Alan Davidson2 240149
36Alan Steele3348
37Allen Hannah1 039347
38FirParkCorner1 340047
39James Dick3 137346
40Graeme Moore3245
41Eddie Ferguson3344
42Lynn Findlay3043
43Fred MacNamara2 237143
44Joe Davidson0 234042
45Ann Allan2 138542
46Stuart Allan2 138542
47David Findlay3040
48Andrew Moyes3240
49Russel Gibson2839
50Keith Blackwood3139
51David Matthew3239
52Greig Simpson2 035338
53Jamie Ferguson3136
54Janice Matthew3235
55Michael Gardiner2734
56Kevin Ferguson3134
57Lee Mitchell3434
58Ross Mitchell6 023233
59Pauline Ferguson1832
60Tom Roy3132
61Neil Mitchell1631
62Paul Marshall2230
63Cameron Curwood2229
64Roy Fisher2629
65Drew Buddie1828
66Steven Meek2528
67Keith Turnbull1325
68Gordon Caldwell2125
69David Cowan1723
70David Blacklaw1522
71John McLeary1120
72Lesley Swan1620
73Jeff Hodge1418
74Ian Fraser814
75Allan Cowan914
76Graham Faulkner1514
77Caroline Cameron811
78Ken Brownlie1011
79Justine Swan810
80Margaret Leslie79
81Douglas Jarvie38
82Bart Annemans48
83Chris Sweeney68
83Fraser Anderson47
84Malcolm Boyd57
85David Fraser87
86Russell Cowan117
87Jenny Black36
88Neil Leslie66
89Alan Rutherford86
90Heather Black35
91Keith Foster45
92Nikki Ross45
94Chris Flemming55
95Rory McEwan24
96Adam Docherty24
97George Huey44
98Craig Coutts64
99Andy Ross33
100Gregor McNab33
101Davie Knox33
102Ian Buchanan63
103Hayley Brownlie73
104Matt Frame12
105Derek Johnstone22
106Duncan Monro22
107David Helley11
108Gordon Miller11
109Bob Todd11
110Andrew Berry11
111Derek Hughes11
112Marc Straub11
113Scott Eadie11
114Philip Speedie11
115Brian McSporran11
116Kenny Mackie21
117Gordon Richardson21
118Robyn Hay21
119Stevie Leslie31
120Ian McGrevey31
121Chris Williams41
122Jim Haldane51

Real Name
Prediction (Home team score first) Email:

The Rules

Points are awarded according to the following rules:

Correct result (home win/draw/away win) 2 points
Correct score (number of goals) 1 point for each team
Correct goal difference 1 point

Then you just add them all up.

Some examples:

Team A - Team B Result: 2-1

Prediction   Points
2-1 5
2-0 3
4-1 3
5-4 3
3-0 2
1-1 1
1-2 0

All predictions must be posted before the match!
In the event of a tie, the person with the better average will be placed higher. If the title is still tied after this, the number of correct predictions will be used to determine the winner.

Predictions will be accepted via this web page. (Those who have limited Web access may enter via email.)