Prediction League 2017/18

Last updated : 20 May 2018 By Firparkcorner

Welcome to the 2017-18 Prediction League


The FPC Prediction League is a light hearted competition open to all in which posters can display their insight into the results of Motherwell matches.  The rules are listed below and the lucky winners will be rewarded with a few mystery prizes.

The tables from years gone by can be seen here.  

Congratulations to Couttsy and Lucy for their excellent performance throughout 2017/18.

The final table for 2017/18 is listed below.

NameNo of PredictionsCorrect Winning TeamMotherwell ScoreOpponent ScoreScorer BonusTOTAL
COUTTSY 50 24 16 19 38 180
Lucy 48 23 15 19 38 175
neillyboy 50 23 17 19 28 169
jjack 50 26 15 17 25 167
andymillar 51 24 17 17 25 165
wellwin 51 24 18 15 26 164
texacocup 49 28 16 7 29 159
jwok 51 21 20 15 21 154
jtsingapore 47 25 11 13 26 149
wellowell 47 17 12 10 39 134
sieb1886 41 21 14 12 17 132
bainy 48 23 9 5 30 127
Gowboy 49 14 16 11 30 126
Handsome_Devil 51 15 10 17 21 120
LawSteelman 36 9 9 6 14 71
Demp82well 6 4 1 2 2 20
well32 6 3 0 1 3 14
wellin 2 2 0 1 2 10

The rules are listed below. 

1. In order to predict you need to forecast the score for the forthcoming game and list the scorers.

2. Predictions must be made in the official thread on the Prediction League section of the messageboard and be timestamped before the advertised kick off time.

3. You can predict on behalf of someone else as long as you clearly state the moniker of the person you are predicting for.

4. Only one prediction per moniker, in the event of two predictions being made by the same player the one that is posted second will be used as I assume it is a correction to the first prediction.

5. You will receive three points for predicting the correct winning team.
6. You will receive two points for each team which you correctly predict the number of goals they score.

7. You will receive one point for each goalscorer you name.

8. The goalscorers you predict must correlate with the score you predict (ie if you predict Motherwell to win 2-0 you name two 'Well scorers and no opposition scorers)

9. The competition will run for all league and cup games involving Motherwell this season. In cup games the prediction should be made based on 90 minutes. Extra time and penalties will not be considered.

10. In the event you are going on holiday or whatever and there is no thread open you can post your prediction on the Prediction League section of the message board by opening a new thread which will be copied into the official thread when it is opened.

11. The competition is free to enter and there will be modest prizes for first and second place. 

12. In the event of a tie, the person who has predicted the most winning teams will win. If this is still level then the person who has correctly predicted the Motherwell score most often will win. If it is still level then the person who has predicted the opposition score most often will win. If you are still level then the person who has predicted most often will win. If you are still level after that it is a dead heat.

13. The competition can be moderated by anyone. If you spot an error or possible error in the table please point it out by posting on the board. I am only human and I make mistakes. I would rather you tell me and we can correct it than leave it.

14. You don't have to register apart from being a member of the footymad community to enter.