'Well Songbook 2

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And here's to you Stephen Robinson

M/Well loves you more than you will know
wo wo wo
What's that you say Stephen Robinson
Fir Park is the place for you to play
Hey Hey Hey
To the tune of "Mrs Robinson".

Motherwell, Motherwell, Motherwell
Motherwell, Motherwell, Motherwell
Little tune, very repetitive

'Well Flag
Do you know where hell is?
Hell is Easter Rd
Heaven is the Fir Park
Where the Hibees s*** their load
Oh, I was born under a 'Well flag
A 'Well, 'Well flag
To the tune of I was Born Under a Wand'rin' Star

Away the Lads
Away the lads
You should've seen us coming
We're only here to drink your beer
And ***g your f****** women
All the lads and lassies
Had smilies upon their faces
Walking down the Fir Park Rd
To see the Motherwell aces
To the tune of Blaydon Races

A Claret and Amber Ribbon
She wore, she wore
A claret and amber ribbon
A claret and amber ribbon in the merry month of May
And when
I asked
Her, why she wore a ribbon
She said it's for the 'Well and we're gonna win the cup
Win the cup, win the cup
To the tune of She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

We Were There
When the 'Well,
Went Up,
To lift the Scottish Cup,
We were there, we were there
To the tune of the Quartermasters Store

As I walked down the Copland Road
I heard a mighty clamour
For the boys in blue
Got f***** 5-2
By the boys in claret and amber
To the tune of 'Carnwath Mills' (We're No' Awa' to Bide Awa' )

Doon ye Go
Eeh I oh
Doon ye go
Airdrie, Airdrie
To the tune of?

Boom Boom
Boom, boom, boom
Let me hear you say 'Well
Tune of Boom Boom

Oh the 'Well fans don't carry razors
Oh the 'Well fans don't carry chains
Oh the 'Well fans we just carry shot guns
To blast out the jam tart brains
To the tune of?

By the Light of the Silvery Moon
By the light (by the light, by the light)
Of the silvery moon (silvery moon, silvery moon)
We f***** the boys (f***** the boys, f***** the boys)
We f***** the boys in maroon (4-2, 3-0)
To the tune of By the Silvery Moon

We Love You 'Well
We love you 'Well, we do
We love you 'Well, we do
We love you 'Well, we do
Oh, Motherwell we love you
To the tune of?

The Fir Park Terracing
From the slopes of the Fir Park terracing
onto it's playing fields so green;
There's eleven stalwart warriors,
the best you've ever seen.
Tho' they may not be league champions
Or not even runner's up
They have humbled mighty Sassenachs
in the old Texaco Cup.
For they halted Stoke's endeavour,
in a hard and bitter fight;
Then they thrashed the Spurs of Tottenham,
on a cold November night;

So applaud those gallant warriors
with a loud triumphant yell;
And always speak in reverance,
on the mighty Motherwell.
Then bring on Wolves or Derry
As it matters not at all;
For the answer to each one of them,
has the writing on the wall.
And we the staunch supporters,
are always proud to tell;
Of the wonderful achievements of
the mighty Motherwell.

Up The 'Well
We're the boys from the 'Well
And We're doing very well
You will find us at Fir Park
The home of foo-ootball
Of the Steelmen we are proud
Shout their praises long and loud
We will follow them wherever they may go

Up the 'Well we will shout
As the Gers and Celts we rout
We've the spirit and the skill
To set them reeling
Claret & Amber colours true,
Far ahead of green & blue
They'll remember Motherwell
For many a day

Frae the tap o' the toon
Tae the Cross and further doon,
You can hear the roar that greets
You through the tunnel
Then the ref his whistle blows,
And the more he volume grows,
As we hail the Scottish team
That beats them all.


You may travel far and wide,
Watch the Thistle or the Clyde,
Or the Hearts and Hibs
At Easter Road in combat,
But we'd cross both sea and surf,
just to view the Fir Park turf,
Or to cheer the Steelmen
On to victory


Don Goodman Song
Don Goodman, Don Goodman
He has afro hair
Don Goodman, Don Goodman
He is everywhere
He gets the ball
Then he scores a goal
Don Goodman, Don Goodman
He is everywhere
To the tune of Robin Hood


As I was slowly passing fir park one day
I stopped there for a moment, just to watch the well play
Alone a boy was standing
And when I asked him why
He turned with eyes that could not see
And he began to cry
To the tune of Lonely Child - Alexander Brothers!

The bells of the Well go ting -a - ling -a ling
ting - a - ling a - ling , ting -a - ling a ling ,
the bells of the Well go ting - a - ling - a -ling
for you ya Jam Tart B*****D .

Oh , Wullie Wullie , Wullie Wullie Wullie Wullie
P E T T I G R E W .
repeat chorus ( if you remember the words )

Wullie Pettigrew
His name is Wullie Pettigrew, he's the leader of the team
The greatest cetre forward that the world has ever seen
He's in
He's out
He's running about
And scoring the winning goal
As as for Derek Johnston         (or similar)
You can stick him up yer hole
na na na
na na na na na
na na na na na na na na na na na

(to the tune of MacNamara's Band)
(to the tune of Walking Along Singing A song Side By Side)

Love You Can't Deny

I am in love
I can’t deny
I am in love with Motherwells new number nine
He is the best i’ve ever seen
his first name's kevin and his second is van veen

Liam Grimshaw

Liam grimmy

He comes from Burnley

He’s the best right back in Scotland

And he loves the Motherwell


'Well Songbook 1

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