GLF 11: The Party's Over

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JC notes that we won't be at Hampden this year.


Well I won't be going to Hampden on Saturday 9th of May, neither will the team, at least not to the pitch; I've got to work over that weekend anyway so it's just as well or it would have been another final I'd have had to miss. 1 missed last year's due to holidays in France but that's another story.

Well at least for once we gave the bears a game of it at Ibrox and with a bit more composure especially in defence we would still be in there pitching. But that's all if's and maybes now. The two goals we lost were pretty poor goals to lose, especially the second where three players had a chance to clear the ball prior to the Ukranian toe poking the ball home. But alas C'est la vie, we had three games in defence of the trophy and I don't think that we could play much better at Ibrox. Despite what the Daily Ranger" and Alec Cameron in particular said the bears weren't allowed to play there usual boring, probing game. They were only allowed to play as well as we let them. Why oh why can't we play this way every time we visit Murray's pit, then maybe we could make them play a bit before they pick up their allocated two points!

So what's left this season, a dozen or so games which are pretty meaningless fixtures so I hope we blood some more of the youngsters and fringe players so that they can be assessed tor the future as to whether or not they will make the grade or not and more importantly to allow some of them to show that they want to play for 'Well. Hopefully we can be a bit more positive away from home - more of the Ibrox commitment would be good.

At least we made Murray's Millionaires sweat a fair bit before they scraped through, unfortunately there haven't been too many of these type of performances this season. Thanks anyway for your performance boys (and Davie) and lets have more of the same at least now we know that as we have believed for so long that the ability is there, it's only a matter of letting it take over,from inhibition and over respect a little more often.

Anyway thanks tor the memories, the cup the cup final video tape and the memories of the short stay at Katowice - a place I doubt I would have visited - will be there for ever. Some more Ibrox type performances next season could see us qualify for Europe through our league position, although as the Ibrox match proves, you don't always get what you deserve.

John Creighton.

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