GLF 12: Scottish Super League

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Graham B has some thoughts on the Super League


This has obviously been one of the major talking points this summer in scottish football. Since the European championships finished in June. While i have some suspicions over the final motives of some of the leading lights, it will hopefully bring about the major changes which Scottish football drastically needed. But having said that I think it would be better if the change took place within the current set up or with the support of all 38 clubs.

The major flaw I see with the super league is some of the conditions laid down for entry e.g. ground size/condition, financial health, ave. crowd or potential and past playing record. If the original top 5 were rated against this only about 2 would pass with flying colours, take a look at the list below:

Rangers: - excellent ground, plenty of money, 40,000 crowds and won almost everything recently - would gain entry no problem.

Aberdeen: - good ground (with visible improvements underway), financially sound and well managed, 15,000 average crowd, good success rate in 1980's failing with rangers revival. would still gain automatic entry.

Celtic - poor ground (with pie in sky plans for a new one), £4million in debt, but do have scotland's most loyal support!?! Not won anything for three years but good previous record which older readers will remember well! Improvements required before automatic entry.

Dundee Utd: - bits and pieces of a ground which is obviously currently being improved, financially well managed, ave. gates of around 8,000 - 9,000, not won anything since mid 1980'S with no real pedigree before this - ground improved before giving entry.

Hearts: - tip of a ground (currently no idea where new ground will be), no money (as indicated by no. of free transfer signings), struggled to get crowds of l0,000 when chasing the title last season, not won anything for 30 years and not long ago struggling in division 1, long way to go to meet criteria.

Despite all this I would still rather see motherwell in the highest class of football available in Scotland even if it means breaking with years of tradition. One thing I would've liked to have seen was the fringe clubs (Hibs, St. Johnstone, Motherwell etc) stand up to the big 5 a little longer to work for change inside the current set up.

G. Barnstaple

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