GLF 15: Now is the Season of our Content

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A look back over the season past


Now is the Season of our Content

-An epic straggle revisited-

The season proper started at home to Celtic and you could just sense something about the place. The marvellous pre-season games had whetted our appetite. We weren't going to lose. But we eventually ran out of steam and allowed them to get back into the game - yes these were the days of lan Angus. Away wins against Dundee and Killie with a 6-0 thrashing of an Ayr side who fostered hopes of an upset in between. Unfortunately a 2-5 defeat in the next round of the cup gave a false account of a very close run thing.

The first of our Raith Rovers thrashings (are these games boring or what, or do I expect too much?), top of the league and a featured spot on TV signalled the end of Mowgli's scoring exploits and a 0-3 shocker at Perth. We all waited to see if the bubble was burst or if Brian Martin would play a bad game.

The arrival of Paul Lambert signalled a sweet footballing lesson to the jambo's and the gradual laying to rest of 'that hoodoo'. The scoreline didn't matter - the manner in which it was achieved was so so satisfying. We cooled off for a few games but obviously we were just building for the humbling of the huns in their den. Unfortunately in the euphoria of the moment some numpties decide to leave the stand, starting a crazy and short-lived trend that was soon hit on the head with some arrests. A more welcome trend was the inclusion of 'Well players in the international squads (though why wasn't Brian Martin - Europe's finest players - there too?)

A 0-2 agatnst Hibees when the score should really have been a 4-0 and along with the Saintees, they we fast becoming our bogey team. Gordon McQueen is still unable to say 'particularly flamboyant' without running into the adverts.

Into the bleak midwinter and the arrival of 'The Cobra' heralds new optimism - but age finally catches up with Coop as he drops a division. The last appearance of Jim Griffin passes without us realising as he hobbles out of the 0-2 defeat to the huns.

lnto 1994 and a satisfying, if not particularly spectacular (try saying that Mr McQueen), league and cup double over the biscuit tin tims puts them in their place as they stumble from hilarious crisis to crisis. Brian Martin is, by this time, the best player in the world but still can't get named for Scotland.

Thoughts of Europe are now on everyone's minds but one avenue is closed as big bun-eater Welsh knocks a clearance into our net. And to make matters worse the flailing sheep lovers crumle in the semi replay to ensure another UEFA place is lost to the Arabs. These Utd V Dons semis showed Hampden up as the big mistake tt was always going to be - to small for big occasions and situated in the wrong place. The SFA's determination that it should be used for games despite both sets of supporters travellting hundreds of miles highlights the bloody-minded approach of these tyrants. A 1-2 travesty at lbrox as the Govan climate collapses and is unable to sustain grass growth ( or perhaps they've been letting big Mcpherson out to graze on it for too tong ) is a setback as a top 3 spot becomes a must. Craig Johnston launches his dimpled rubber boot and Phil signs up. Another victory against the tim-alloys and by now the novelty of beating them is wearing off, but it's still enjoyable. Billy Davies furthers his career by joining a Europe bound 'Well but points dropped against Hearts, Partick (tragic when you think how one sided it was) and Aberdeen casts doubts until a character proving victory against the hun in a stormer of a game puts us back on course. Seib welcomes Big Dunc to Fir Park with a typically friendly mouthful and a goalkeeping display second to none. Brian Martin is now the undisputed master of football - but still can't get a game for Scotland or win the Daily Record player of the year. The Killie game was, well, a Killie game. But the Cobra did the biz and European footie became a reality. Going into the the Utd game no-one could have dreamed what would happen over at Easter Rd. A disappointing crowd (boosted by utd's 396] started like the team -quietly. But as news filtered through things hotted up and a referee showed his true colours. But, like the match ball, the championship was lost.

So there you have it. Our best for a long while. Hopefully Raith were treated to their quarterly lesson and St.Johnstone get theirs today. It would be fitttng to end on a high.

Brian Martin? Scotland doesn't deserve him.

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