GLF 17: Get the Cheque Book Out

Last updated : 07 August 2017 By GLF

Derek suggests that someone should spend some cash


Right now if I am correct we have a lot of money in the bank so we should be able to spend some of it. To start with we need a goalkeeper, Howie and Woods get nose bleeds whenever they go out the six yard box, we need someone in the Dykstra mould who is prepared to come from crosses and reassure our currently shaky defence. Chris Woods wants to leave Sheffield Wednesday, he wouldn't break the bank

We also need to invest in a striker who'll score regularly and will partner Coyne upfront. The cover we have is Arnott who sadly gets injured every time he gets bumped, McGrillen who is unpredictable and doesn't always seem to give 100% and Roddie who is just not good enough and also lacks in the effort department. Even if we don't go for a big name there is a guy called Yardley down at Cowdenbeth who has something like twenty five goals already this season. There is also Peter Duffield at Hamilton and Stuart Peatrie at Dumfermline, both of which have good return rates even if it is in a lower division.

Derek Wilson

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