GLF 17: Contract Clauses

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Player's contracts


Player's contracts

As Gary Bolan of Dundee Utd takes them to court over a ridiculous 'option clause' in his mammoth eight year contract we can only be thankful that we do not deal in such stupid ways. But if the court says the contracts aren't legal - terminating them, these players would be free to move to whichever club would accept them, with Dundee Utd picking up little or no cash. To avoid them losing all their younger players they might be tempted to sell them so they can get some cash to buy soon to be needed replacements.

We come into this as the real gainers possibly picking up a promising youngster or a slightly more matured player. David Hannah and Christian Daily are two that spring to mind immediately. The prices would not be sky high with Dundee Utd wanting to gain as much as possible from a seemingly disastrous situation.


Derek Wilson

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