GLF 17: End Of An Era

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Goodbye Stevie


The departure of the "White Pele", "White Brazilian" and of course "Kid Kirk" has signalled an end of an era. The losing of Mowgli and £100 000 from the M.F.C bank account, plus the signing of Eddie May has been over shadowed as far as 'Well fans are concerned.

People either loved him or hated him. I loved him. He would run around like a headless chicken for the first 89mins 57secs, the ball would break to him and his miss-hit shot would go in via post via divot (sound familiar?).

Our leading scorer in European competition (five goals). Over 300 appearances in claret and amber, hitting the back of the net many times on important occasions. The belter (with his weaker foot) against Aberdeen to start the cup run rolling, the third which took the wind out of Falkirk's sails, a penalty in the shoot out at Cappilow, "the lob" in the semi replay and of course the cup final winner. Scoring four against St. Mirren, our first European goal and saving a spot kick against the tarts at Tynecastle.

As mentioned earlier Eddie May has not been the main news even although we made the first move in this £300 000 deal. Eddie is now at his fourth senior club having previously been at Hibs, Brentford, and the recipients of a fat check and two players -: Falkirk.

Our new signing played his debut match against Aberdeen. I'm sure that if he plays like that every week he will fit in perfectly. Eddie started off in the right back slot and did well in defence although he looked slightly better breaking down the wing. After the break Shaun McSkimming exited to make way for Rab Shannon. So Eddie May moved into a position just in front of the midfield with Rab taking over at right back. He certainly looked full of effort, willing to give 110% and could play "football" as well! Add that to the fact he is the right side of thirty and we got a pretty good deal for once!

Derek Wilson

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