GLF 18: Fan Power

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Use your voice


For a long time 'Well fans have been complaining about the away fans getting the huge South Stand and as a result, can give their team greater vocal backing even though there are around 600 of them and 7000 of us. The East Stand doesn't produce much noise because of the way the seating has been put in on the terracing. Now we have the Davie Cooper Stand at the North end of the ground we will have Motherwell fans on three sides of the ground, hopefully giving the team 100% support!


On a different side to this article, I think it is good that the club have named the home end the Davie Cooper Stand, as it is more interesting than having North, South, East and Main Stands. I look forward to having my Dad purchase my season ticket for this area of the ground. The catering facilities are excellent, with two large canteens to buy your pie 'n' bovril and a smaller section which is just as efficient. I hope that the fans turn out in their numbers now the stadium and the team are complete.


The open day on the 5th of June provided a chance for soon to be season ticket holders to choose their seats in the new Davie Cooper Stand. On this day you also had the chance to ask questions about the board's plans for Motherwell. I took the opportunity and Mr Chapman politely informed me where the shop was positioned. It appeared the sign writer hadn't turned up, as there was no indication where it was! I was also surprised when I learned the club had hoped to finish the main stand by building through the old enclosure, but the plans fell through. The final redevelopments are underway, replacing the old roofs over the East and Main Stand with the new material used at either end.

Derek Wilson

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