GLF 18: The Finnish Disaster

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Derek's not happy


The Finnish Disaster

You could probably have guessed that it would have been a bad game, when the club had the great ticket cock up over again. Even though I was at the ground at 7.05pm it was 7.40pm before I got to my seat, and I was one of the lucky ones. I found out when I arrived at the D.C. stand that my family had to go to the Main Stand for tickets. We queued there for quite a while then went back to the D.C. Stand to queue again before gaining entrance to the family section. Lots of people went into the ground already annoyed by so much waiting and lack of information about tickets. Things weren't helped inside when season ticket holders couldn't claim their own seats, despite being asked to do so. A few spectators had to be allowed out and into the Main Stand, although they had tickets for the D.C. Stand. All things considered, the idea was good but the organization (or lack of it) was a shambles.

As the game started we looked impressive and after ten minutes we were a goal to the good thanks to a Shaun McSkimming header. We looked as though we would have an easy game. Now is the part where it all goes horribly wrong. Brian Martin lost the ball to a Finn, who chipped over Woods who got caught out in no mans land. The team tried to battle back and had a good chance from a corner, but Coyne and Hendry got confused and it stayed 1-1. Shortly after that they scored again. This time van de Gaag didn't clear properly and a soft shot from twenty yards went through Woods. As the team were booed off the park at half time, we knew it wasn't to be our night. Having already hit the post and missed chances, we weren't surprised when we hit the bar and had a header cleared off the line in the second half. Even although they already had the game won, the Finns tore us apart very easily and scored again when a free shot found its way past Woods again.

When your luck is out, like ours was, there's not much you can do but get behind the team. Even if Woods played badly and gifted them a couple of goals it doesn't excuse the treatment he got any time he got the ball. The manager bought him and persists with him, even though its obvious we need a new 'keeper. Even playing Scott Howie, who has only played twice, would probably be a change for the better. Alex needs to get his team and his tactics sorted out before the start of the season.

Derek Wilson

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