GLF 1: Sectarianism

Last updated : 02 August 2017 By Firparkcorner

Issue 1 gets straight to the point



This Fanzine has been written and compiled by true Motherwell fans for true Motherwell fans. As anyone who watches the team regularly will know, a small minority of our 'support', who seem to congregate at the segregation fence, activly support sectarianism. This is most distressing as they chant these bigoted 'songs' instead of vocally encouraging the team on the park. This has no place at Fir Park. Motherwell FC, or their TRUE supporters are NOT interested in bigotry or racism in ANY shape or form.

It is up to us, the ordinary fans, to appeal to all true FOOTBALL fans to do their best to discourage this type of behaviour. It is good to see that, in recent seasons, on many occasions a lot of fans have aired their disapproval, and attempted to shout these people down. This isolated sectarianism does NOTHING for our club's image.

A recent letter to the 'Absolute Game' noted this problem - indeed, it does affect quite a few clubs all over Scotland. The other effect it has on Motherwell is that it DOES drive away a fair proportion of our Potential support from the Town af Motherwell and it's environs.

The last thing we need is to lose more support to the mould-firm. But, with any luck, this minority of so-called supporters will take their bigotry elsewhere on a Saturday afternoon (no prizes for guessing where)- their support we can do without, and this would leave the club's true fans to cheer on the team without this religious aspect rearing it's ugly head. Obviously, in the long-run, MORE real football fans would be attracted to Fir Park - not bigoted morons.

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