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The editor is a wee bit down in the dumps


This has been the most difficult of the 4 Editorials I have had to write so far, given that we try to keep the editorial content of the fanzine to be supportive and constructive. It is in fact much easier to just criticise and moan about what is happening and look for scapegoats to blame - anyone recognise themselves here !!! For me though this is the season that has never started, I keep thinking that the next game will be the one which will be the start of our good run - this has not been the case, YET !!

This editorial is being written just after the Hibs game at Easter Rd., this appeared to be the game where the manager has decided to wield the axe ever so slightly. I believe that this is the correct route to take, as stated in the last issue the team was crying out to be freshened up, either through transfers or by bringing more youngsters through for an extended run. I believe until Coyne returns (if ever) he should persevere with Falconer and Hendry up front, Dougie and Burns have gone through a very demanding spell and deserve to be protected and rested. Similarly in midfield stick with Stephen McMillan instead of either Dolan or Davies (preferably Davies). It is also probably time for Mio to have a break as he has toiled manfully to hold our recent youn defence together, only to have his lack of pace exposed on too many occasions. This being the case we should stick with young Greig Denham who has been a real find.

The management also need to look as they rebuild the confidence of a number of key players by constantly reminding them of their strengths :

McKinnon - you CAN go past people and get behind defences to put crosses in.

Lambert - you CAN play the telling ball through defences and you CAN score goals.

Davies - you CAN turn and go forward, and then the same as Lambert.

Martin - you CAN still play all top Scottish strikers out of games.

May - see McKinnon.

If these five players could do these things again I am sure the confidence would surge through the other five outfield players (who are either all new signings or youngsters just breaking through). Easy to say but a bit more difficult to implement but the management team CAN do it.

While the playing side may come right on the park there is something nagging at the back of my mind about what is happening off the park. I am concerned that Tommy McLean's reason for leaving may be coming true, and that the board are not all that ambitious after all. Although we would rather not hear from them, when a business is not performing a company's board will usually try to allay the fears of the customers and how they intend to turn it round. I have heard nothing publicly from the board, and feel the club has lost direction slightly now that the ground has been refurbished and the debts cleared. No one would take anything away from the work the board has done over the years but if they no longer have the commitment or the money to help take the Great Leap Forward they have a duty to find others who have.

The next issue (no 21) will be the last of this season and will be available for the Hearts game on the last day of the season at Fir Park. Any contributions should be with me at least two weeks before this date. Hopefully by this time we will be looking forward to another Premier League season, and a Cup Final !!!

All of the above was sadly put into perspective as I was starting to put this issue together as I heard of the sudden death of Muir Taylor. Muir, as many of you will know, was the editor of Waiting for the Great Leap Forward immediately before me. As many of you will also know he died after playing football in a charity game in Aberdeen. If it was not for Muir then this fanzine would no longer exist as he kept it going when many of us had shown a lack of interest two or three years ago. All of those connected with GLF would like to extend our deepest sympathies to his wife (Liz) and his two young children.

Graham Barnstaple

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