GLF 27: Hope for the Future

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We have a few good looking youngsters.


Hope for the Future

I am writing this after the Celtic game, so for once I am in a good mood with the team. Reading the match report in the Scotland on Sunday I saw that we had a 23 year old, three 21 year olds and a 19 year old playing for us. I knew we had a young team that day but I was pleasantly surprised by the fight they put in. It would have been very easy for them to hide, especially Kevin Christie, given some of the abuse he gets. I think we have a number of potentially good players at Fir Park and hopefully with their youth and some new investment we will rise above our almost annual relegation battle.

Lee McCulloch (19) - I was surprised to hear that Lee is only 19 as he seems to have been around for a few years. Despite his prolific goalscoring for the reserves I don't think he has the pace to be a striker. I'd love to be proved wrong on that but I prefer him in midfield where he can get stuck in with his natural aggression.

Steven Craigen (21) - I quite like Steve Craigen, and if he isn't forced into too many games to soon he could be an international for Northern Ireland. He's occasionally a bit rash in the tackle but has a much better temperament than Greig Denham. While his distribution is not great, it is as good as I expect a 'Well centre back's to be. I think he will be the next Brian Martin and with a bit of decent coaching he should be a future rock in our defence.

Kevin Christie (21) - A lot has been said about Kevin, only some of which is justified. I think that he was bought cheaply to be cover and no more. He isn't good enough to be a regular first teamer as he can't pass at all and is skinned by every winger in the league. What he lacks in skill though, he makes up for in effort (like John Philliben) and I would definitely want him in the squad particularly with our current shortage of defenders.

Steve McMillan (21) - I think that Steve is one of our best youngsters. If not for a leg break at Castle Greyskull he would nearly be the finished article. He combines midfield and defensive skills and would make a very good wing-back. Hopefully he will believe that he can beat players again and will work on his shooting. If seats could talk, no doubt they would tell you he has a very powerful left foot.

Greig Denham (22) - One of our more experienced youngsters, and some one I would hate not to have in the squad. He is a very strong defender but he has to control his temper. This is why he wouldn't be a first choice. He picks up too many bookings due to diving into reckless tackles and he also seems unable to jump without using his arms to climb over the opposition. Hopefully Alex will get this sorted out.

The players I have talked about are just those in the current first team squad. I'm sure our reserve team will be eager to impress when they see the opportunities given to other young players. If we had some investment that enables us to buy a few more experienced players to compliment the youngsters we may actually resemble a football team next year.

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