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Reality Check


Reality Check

Reading the last issue of G.L.F. I was struck by several of the contributors' low expectations for the club, given the small support base and the calibre of the opposition. I agree with some of the points and issues raised but there is no reason for a provincial, or indeed any properly run, club with the correct staff in situe getting it right on the pitch. Why should the fans be content with a place in the S.P.L. sometimes closer to the top than the bottom. Of course in the real world it is hard to suceed, and loads of cash and a big support ought to bring that sucess on the field but it doesn't always happen.

It depends on the backroom staff bringing the best out of the resources available and organising what's available at any given time. I realise Motherwell have managed to saty afloat in the Premier League since the mid-eighties, which is an achievement in itself, but that's no reason to settle for survival only and a couple of seasons close to the top and getting a shot at Europe ocassionally. The club ought to be striving to improve each season; sure injuries, suspensions and loss of form by key players will occur, but these have to be overcome or at least attempted to be overcome. No club has a divine right to success, and that includes the Old Firm as both have found out especially when playing in Europe which highlights the state of the S.P.L. and all its shortcomings.

Consistent teams do well, inconsistent teams don't, simple of course. That's what Billy Davies has found out and getting the balance to play consistently at a high level whilst being prepared to alter tactics if and when required is what Motherwell should be all about.

Easy writing about it in a fanzine, less so in practical terms but it has to be the goal of whoever runs the club and those in charge of team tactics.

The support has it's part to play in all this, and it's difficult when the goods are not being produced onfield regularly. The comments made by the managers outgoing brother on the critical nature of Motherwell fans have some truth, but if players who are earning large sums of cash are not performing or are not capable of performing to an acceptable standard, it's human nature that a section of the crowd will show its disapproval. Encouragement helps players, constant barracking doesn't, however heckling and booing opposition players does seem to gee them up ( funny ain't it? ).

Sure, it would be nice to see Motherwell at the top end of the table each season but in the real world that's unlikely to happen. But there's no reason for Motherwell to be involved at the wrong end of the table either. We have to strive within the limits of crowd base and tailor our cloth accordingly to use what resources are available to the club to maximum effect and strive to improve our position each season, not settle for mediocrity and mid-table obscurity. Yip, it's hard to succeed but the S.P.L. is not the hardest environment to do this and we ought to be striving both on and off-field to this end. Producing our own youngsters and not being held ransom by players who have inflated egos and want pay packets to match. So lets look upwards and not downwards and be positive not negative about the club.

John Creighton

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