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It's my experience that sporting clichés don't really change much, whether from southern to northern hemisphere, or from football to rugby or cricket. So, next time you listen to the post-match interviews, think about what the interviewee is really saying!

On a "gift" last-minute equalizer conceded:-
What the manager says: "That's fitba' - one week you get a break, the next week not".
What the manager means: "I could murder our centre half for that balls-up!"

On losing a home cup-tie:-
What the manager says: "We'll just have to concentrate on the league now"
What the manager means: "Oh sh*t, I needed a cup run to save my job!"

On an outburst by his continental star:-
What the manager says: "We have to allow for differences of opinion"
What the manager means: "What's the furrin eejit gone and said noo!"

On a dodgy refereeing decision (again):-
What the manager says: "I don't think it's my place to comment"
What the manager means: "If I say one word about that *#$!& I'll get fined again!"

On "support" offered by his Chairman:-
What the manager says: "It's nice to know I have the backing of the Board"
What the manager means: "I wonder if I'll get the chop on Tuesday or Wednesday!"

On a penalty turned down:-
What the player says: "The ref obviously had a different view of it"
What the player means: "What game was that *#%! ref at, anyway!"

On probable relegation:-
What the player says: "You just have to take the rough with the smooth"
What the player means: "I'd better tell the wife that the Caribbean trip is off!"

On losing a semi-final:-
What the player says: "You never know when another chance like this will come"
What the player means: "Sh*t! I'll probably never get tae Hampden noo!"

On finally beating one of the Old Firm:-
What the player says: "We need to start getting more consistent now"
What the player means: "How did we win today but get stuffed at Ayr last week?"

On being injured by a bad tackle:
What the player says: "It was probably a 50-50 ball, just one of those things"
What the player means: "One of those things my a**e, he'd better watch out next time we play them!"

Garry Paterson, Pretoria, South Africa
'Well below the equator

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