GLF 41: Search for the Flag

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Search for the Flag


Search for the Flag

It was reported earlier this year that the Championship Flag presented to Motherwell on our winning the League Title for the only time in our history had apparently, at some stage, been presented to a Bowling Club somewhere in Pretoria, South Africa.

Other details were sketchy, including the name of the club as well as the possible date of the presentation (maybe when 'Well toured South Africa in the mid-1930's), but as one of very few 'Well fans in South Africa, and probably the only one in Pretoria, I volunteered to see if I could warm up the very cold trail of the flag.

I prepared a flyer (in English and Afrikaans) and sent a copy to each of the 37 Bowling Clubs in the Pretoria district, giving all the details, especially why Motherwell would be so pleased to get the flag back. The flyer was also picked up by the Bowls Reporter of the local Pretoria News paper (circulation around 400 000), who printed my details in his column.

I would love to report on a happy ending to the story, but alas there has been no response. If there was any more information, especially the name of the club involved, it may narrow the search down enough to have some chance of success. At least we did win the League once, even if we don't have the flag!

Garry Paterson
'Well below the equator
Pretoria, South Africa

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