GLF 44: Sidelines

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John Creighton give a view from the touchline.



Recently I've had to adjust where I view games from through having to use the disabled facilities when attending games.Mainly the areas for viewing are at ground level and this gives me a totally different perspective on the overall pattern of play.Obviously those who sit low down in the East Stand will have a similar view, however so do the team managers (except those who prefer to sit above the action in the main stand).I believe Tommy McLean used to sit and harangue from above at Reserve games.The positioning of coaches at touchline level may account for the delay in spotting problems so easily on field and not making adjustments until after the damage has been done.


Facilities and the manner disabled fans are catered for varies club to club.The service from the general office at MFC is good, although the designated area isn't so hot.It's fine if it's dry but when wet & windy it's not so clever.


The two games recently that I've gone to the Motherwell section have both resulted in unfortunate defeats, the Livi steal result & reverse against Hearts.Of course this vantage point has some benefits, meaning you can give the assistant ref the benefit of some well-chosen advice.The official running the Main Stand side at Motherwell probably expects an easier time verbally.I had a fair exchange of views with the lino at the 4-2 Dundee game as his decisions when any Tayside foreign mercenary got tackled or injured was so one-sided as to be untrue.Yet when Faddy was clattered, nothing was forthcoming.He claimed he was only concerned for the players' well being and was giving decisions as he saw them.Fortunately his incompetence missed an offside when Ready slotted home the second goal.


As well as giving an insight into the workings of the official running the line, the disabled area at Fir Park also allows a closer view of the players.To this end, both McFadden and Elliott are extremely verbal and question every decision.This has already got "Talisman Jim's” cards marked.Unfortunately, if you removed this element from his game I suspect we would see a less exciting prospect and poorer entertainer.Regards Elliott's umbrage regarding offside decisions, this could be self-remedied easily as he ought to look along the line and not stray offside as he has the pace.So the answer is already at his own feet - his reading of sides pushing up on him has gotta improve.At the other end of the vocal scale is Greg Strong, who appears too quiet and gentlemanly for his own good.


So overall, the perspective from the touchline is very different from sitting in the stands.At Hampden the higher option is available, Carlisle have rugs available and offer free refreshments, whilst Motherwell also offer blankets and free teamsheets .Some facilities have to be pre-booked due to lack of space like Partick and obviously the Old Firm.


Obviously the numbers who attend using disabled facilities are small but at least some clubs take time and effort to cater for these fans and carers.Unless you have to deal with clubs in this respect most fans won't be aware of the facts of being a sideline supporter.


John Creighton

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