GLF 45: Great Games I Missed!!!

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Eddie F has missed a few crackers in his time.


Great Games I missed!!!!!

10. Around 1977,Kilmarnock(Home)

Locking the car keys in the car is not a sensible thing to do.But don't suppose we'll miss much at Fir Park.Wrong!!The fastest hat trick in FP history, by Jimmy O'Rourke, as Motherwell roar to a stunning victory.
Motherwell 5-4 Kilmarnock

9. Around 1999,Aberdeen(Home)
Having a 2nd honeymoon seemed a great idea especially as it didn't clash with any 'Well games. Didn't think the league would re-arrange a match on the night we came home.Even when it became evident that we wouldn't catch any action, I consoled myself that Sheep games are rarely exciting.The final result says it all.
Motherwell 5-6 Aberdeen

8. Around 1971,Tottenham(Home)

Being 9 years old and staying in Edinburgh meant that I was told I couldn't go to this Fir Park classic as I had, wait for it, school in the morning !!!Gutted at missing out on the game was soon replaced by sheer delight in the morning when finding out the result.This of course has returned to being gutted again as the years have rolled by and realising that beating Premiership opposition doesn't happen everyday!!
Motherwell 3-1 Tottenham

7. Around 2002,Kilmarnock(Away)
Motherwell were going bust!!Players being made redundant!!After 116 years our club appeared to be dying in intensive care, and I couldn't get to it's bedside, due to work commitments in London.I have never felt so helpless as I did that afternoon.Seemingly endless texts from Geordie Barr in the second half(each announcing yet another goal!!) secured yet another classic missed by my good self.
Kilmarnock 1-4 Motherwell

6. Around 1998,Scotland/Brazil(Paris)
A keen Scotland fan, opening the World Cup v Brazil is as big a game as you can get.I actually made it to the stadium; only to dislocate my shoulder celebrating the award of the penalty.I spent the second half of this massive game in the medical room deep in the bowels of the Stade de France, with only a portable TV silently showing the match for company!

Scotland 1-2 Brazil

5. Around 1960,Rangers(Away)
A game all true 'Well fans must wish they had witnessed.Only those lucky sods who are now 50 could've manage that feat.I missed out on this true cup classic because my dad was a bit slow in going forward(if you get my drift!!)and I didn't arrive on gods' earth until 1962.
Allegedly we booted lumps out of Baxter in the 1st game and then we ran riot at Castle Greyskull in the replay.Apparently the famous Steelmen were applauded by the Ibrox (faithful) from the park at the end of this memorable massacre.

Rangers 2-5 Motherwell

4. Around 1976,Celtic(Home)
As an up a coming starlet(trial with the Accies, no less)training seemed unmissable to me. Coupled with the "certainty" of Celtic lifting the title at Fir Park, I ditched the chance to watch this midweek match.Oh how I lived to regret that decision.Two Andy Lynch OG's set up an incredible win for the Dossers, and I was left with only "whatmighthavebeens".

Motherwell 3-0 Celtic.

3. Around 1976 (again),Celtic(Home)
Fans will remember at this period how we were always herded into a very small circle by the polis when "they " visited FP.For this Cup -Tie my dad decided that for safety we wouldn't head for Motherwell and settled down to listen to Bob Crampsey on the radio.H-T, it seemed an excellent decision.Come 4.45 and 3 goals from MFC, it was pure pants, and he was the dumbest old man around!!Sure we still celebrated, but if only we'd been there.
Motherwell 3-2 Celtic.

2. Around 1997,Rangers(Away)
My dad was very poorly and couldn't go to games by now.As this game was on Sky I dipped it to spend one more Motherwell game with him.I must admit that given that Rangers were expected to win the flag and their fans were to "Congo" all the way to George Square afterwards, I was looking for any excuse not to go.I'm sure that the game took a couple
off months of my ol' man, but what a day (and night!!) we had.
Rangers 0-2 Motherwell

1. Around 1992,Katowice(Away)
I don't think that anyone who made the trip to Poland on the buses will be surprised at my No.1.Leaving Fir Park on Monday morning with hopes and dreams coming true.European football was here.Nothing could've dampened the spirit.Even the cludgie being out of order by Carlisle didn't hamper our desire to enjoy our big entrance onto the Euro stage.Made new friends, and had a brilliant time, only to miss the first 82 minutes of the game!!!I still see the sods that slept in on the day of the game and contributed to us missing the match.Neil Greirson must still have nightmares about that trip, though;he could only have had half the amount that I have had over the years.I missed seeing Chris McCart lead Motherwell FC out of that tunnel and into the light of European football, and that still hurts.

Katowice 2-0 Motherwell

So there you are. 10 classics missed by my good self all for differentreasons.I don't think anybody could beat that, but if you can write and tell Christopher Hutton all about it then I for one will salute you.Here's to the next time Top Ten Ted misses a match, 'cause you just know it's gonna be a game worth seeing!!!!

Top Ten Ted. (a.k.a. Eddie Ferguson)

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