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A Steelman shares his thoughts


16 August 2002

10 days into the season, and already there are talking points are aplenty . Knowing that the "famous" hoop was making it's comeback onto the Scottish football scene filled me with an anticipation which had been heightened by Motherwell playing in last seasons kit for the pre-season friendlies. You know as well as I that this wasn't done by design, but boy did it add to the excitement of the opening match at Livingston.Or at least until 2.55, when I realised there was no hoop on the dossers jersey. A mere chest band does not constitute a hoop, nor is it a "traditional" Motherwell jersey!! To say I was gutted was an underestimate. Why don't they ever give us what we want? If there is a reason not to have the hoop, then tell us. Every second year I hope this time they'll get it right, but unfortunately in this field at least they very rarely do. Just as an extra on this subject. How many people knew which kit was the "home" and which kit was the "away" before they traipsed down to the 'Well shop to part with their 40 quid?? Was it a secret? Did they not know themselves until they opened them from the jiffy bags? Did they think it didn't matter as the punters will buy them anyway? We'll never know because we don't know the right people to ask!!!

The first match at Almondvale produced a strange affair. Great atmosphere produced by a decent away support. Brilliant attitude by the players, and 3 down after 46 minutes!!!!! The fans were definitely beginning to grumble, when enter Captain Couragous (first goal in yonks) and Porn star(#1) Dirk, and we're facing an unlikely comeback. Sure, we were sad in defeat but we consoled ourselves that maybe this team could scrape together enough points through sheer endeavour to avoid the drop.

Seven days later and the doubts back in my mind, I spent the night in a darkened room. With the East Stand next door to being full, Partick Thistle stumbled onto the Fir Park turf and we were hopeful of our first victory of the campaign. As it turned out I dunno if it was the fans getting to the players or vice versa, but it was a rank rotten display by Motherwell. Thistle could certainly be satisfied with their performance, considering how far they've came in the last few years. No I'm not gonna slaughter the Motherwell players. I'm sure they know that if we're going to finish 11th, they've got to show something a bit more than "fire in the belly", however attractive that style of play is and pleasing to the eye of the fans (including myself!!).

The pitch has also got to be mentioned. It was a far cry from being in perfect nick. Not what you'd expect in August. However it has emerged that vandals broke into Fir Park and poured weedkiller on the nearside of the park causing the damage that all the country could see that weekend. Gordon Smith et all had a field day ridiculing the club for the state of it's surface bringing much needed (not!!)bad publicity at a time when we need all the feelgood stories the Club can get. Would it not have been better telling the world of the intrusion when it happened, and maybe get some sympathy from the press? Away from our Club I saw a brilliant idea thought of by John Gregory, manager of Derby County. He has decreed that no player wears the No. 12 shirt. As from now on the fans are the 12th man. All fans who buy the No. 12 from the Club shop get their name printed on the back for free. Now, surely that's an idea that could/should be taken up by Motherwell. What do you think?

On a lighter note, it seems that not all of the Clubs stars are out on the pitch. At a time when we need to beef up our strike force we appear to have a top class scorer in our midst who has already appeared in front of the cameras doing what he is best at. It seems we have a top scorer in the main Stand, announcing the teams and selecting the music. The "super soaraway" Sun claims that his future as a DJ at Clan FM is in doubt. I reckon that a chant of "gerrinthermyson" from the East Stand and a medal for "messing " about wi'a girl that ugly should be the order of the day!! Maybe even playing such tracks as "Stuck in the middle with you two" by Louise and "Bare-arsed dancing in the dark" by Bruce Springsteen would be apted to play over the PA today!!!!

As we near the middle of August you'd hoped to have formed an opinion of our new players brought in over the summer. Unfortunately that has not been possible due to the injury situation. David Partridge seems a decent,solid,if uninspiring sort. Kemas and Sengewald well, who knows? The name Holm Kraska springs to mind. Surely thr "Mighty" 'Well cannae get stung twice with the same Bee?? I t appears that we could have two loan deals in place by the time this goes to print. It is obvious to any of us that we need to strenghten quickly to give the squad any chance of survival this season. Remember,when things get tough this season, 11th place will be cause to celebrate come May. Don't let any one of us forget it! I still worry about Bryan Jackson though. One day this week he claims that no bid has been received for McFadden. Next day Craigie Broon claims Motherwell have asked for a Preston bid to be put into writing.
Apparently BJ/TB then reject the "written" offer for being "derisory". Surely the figure was mentioned before all this nonsense took place, and if the bid was that bad ,a verbal volley would've sent Broonie back whimpering to Billy Davies. They way Mr Jackson is acting at the moment

I'd be surprised and delighted if McFadden is still at Fir Park to read this fanzine. I'm sorry but I just don't trust that man with our Club. To finish, my son is still waiting for his Season Ticket. They "hope" to have it by the Hibs game. In administration or not that is simply not good enough. I dunno how many people this affects, but if it causes one 8-year old to queue up for his complimentary every home game then that is one 'Well fan too much.

Enjoy the game.
God Bless Those Who Took A Pay Cut.


Eddie Ferguson

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