GLF 45: A View from Behind the Goal

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GB takes a view from the Cooper Stand



North Atlantic Cup - surely this must be one of the most ill-conceived ideas that there has ever been, for a number of reasons.The first that I can think of is the idea of playing during the SPL Winter Break.This was meant to be one of the great innovations of the SPL to give players a bit of a rest in the middle of the season, to ensure that we did not burn players out by the end of January.Why is it that clubs are desperate to fill this gap with games, rather than use it for the purpose it was intended.

Secondly, it shows the limited ambition of our Big Two that they want to fill up the European nights after Christmas, this is almost a confession that they can't make it in the real tournaments. Then what if they actually do make it past Christmas the club 5th in the SPL would be able to step in, but who would want to watch Motherwell v. Aarhus on TV, apart from us of course!!
It would surely be a much better idea if the clubs actually channelled their energies into coming up with a long term solution to the problems of the SPL.

TV Deals - how embarrassing was it that we started the season without a TV or Radio deal sewn up.Equally why was their no great clamour for the head of Roger Mitchell of the SPL after he told Sky that the £45million that they had on offer was derisory.Particularly when you compare this to the £16 million that they finally settled for.

I also feel a bit sorry for the "exiles" who have become used to the coverage provided by Sky but cannot access the pictures from BBC Scotland.For me this is also another piece of poor business by the SPL, and shows how insular they can be when everyone else is planning on a global scale.For once I also feel sorry for the Old Firm fans who appear to be getting ripped off by being provided with some games on the pay per view channel Setanta.

Young and Rough - I came across this Real Radio phone-in one night after working a bit later than normal.I have become hooked as they have a refreshing attitude compared to the likes of the Clyde mob.They have no time for the parochial arguments from the Old Firm fans, and they also don't take themselves too seriously, and appear to be genuinely enjoying themselves.

I would heartily recommend this show to you, every week day evening from 6 - 7,I am sure that like me you will become a big fan.In fact they obviously became so successful that they forced Clyde to put on their own show in direct competition, I'm afraid I haven't listened to them particularly as Keevins is on the show!!

I also wonder when the BBC will realise that Traynor is NOT funny and has no empathy with people on the phone, or whoever is helping him out with the e-mail or text messages . His laboured attempts at humour jus grate on your nerves, and his pally act with Jim Spence is laughable, you can almost see Spence blush through the radio!

Transfer Rumours - hasn't it been heartening to hear from the administrator that we will not be selling any more players, that we will be keeping Pearson, McFadden, Hammell or whoever anyone else might be interested in!This was the news we all needed just as the season was getting underway.I would have been gutted to hear of any more players leaving,following the departures of Elliot and Deloumauux.

Speaking of which, I cannot understand the move that Elliot made, why would a full internationalist want to take, what I see as, a drop from the SPL to the third division in England. This must be a drop into obscurity as far as I am concerned.I always want to see players like this move to a club I see as bigger than us, and while most clubs are bigger than us at the moment, surely a move to Hull is a move backwards??

Former Players - I am tired of reading stories in the press from guys like Martinez, Forrest and Twaddle at how badly they have been treated by Motherwell.I am sorry boys but this is a fact of life in the world of the late 20th and early 21st Century, many people reading this and watching you will have been made redundant at some time (including me!!).I also had to laugh at Forrest complaining that we had been allowed to continue playing and getting a shirt sponsor.Doesn't he realise that going into administration doesn't mean that the business stops running, it actually means that it is being restructured to hopefully take it forward
and keep running!!

I know how they feel to a certain extent I was always a bit angry when I saw Compaq adverts or products, but understood that I was a victim of cost reduction to keep the business going. Footballers need to realise that they have been immune from the financial facts of life that many have suffered since the Thatcher revolution.

Referees - I know this is an age-old problem within Scottish football but the refs we have seen this season have been pathetic and caused much of the niggling in the game.It started with Mr Melville against Cardiff whose performance has almost put Lennie Lawrence off coming back to Scotland.Then Rowbotham and his assistants at Livi seemed to have no grasp of the laws of
the game as the wrong players were booked at the wrong times.I have never seen a set of officials disagree so often as this crew did.

Then Mr. Thomson at the Partick game who seemed hell bent on not giving us any kind of decision BUT he also managed to upset the Thistle people, even booking the wrong Thistle player for barging Woods.

I know that these guys are watched each week by a supervisor, but sadly these guys are the ones who were crap referees in their day, Louis Thow for example!!!

Until they can come out and explain their decisions, and be made accountable for what they do over the 90 minutes we will be left scratching our head every week.Until then we are stuck with the dross we have witnessed already this season, and in the previous seasons before this.

Graham Barnstaple

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