GLF47: A Dose of the Runs

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Ricky delves into the stats


A Dose of the runs…………..


Much had been made of the recent bad run we had and many folk were wondering if it was the worst losing streak we’d ever had.Well, it may have felt bad but it wasn’t the worst.Nope, we’ve been even more rank results-wise in the past.Let me explain…


Those 9 defeats in a row were bad to take, though only eight were in the league, but cast your minds back a little further.1997 saw us lose six on the bounce but that wasn’t so bad, was it?5 years previous we had seven losses to endure, during a spell of 13 defeats in just 16 matches.In fact, between February and November we played 35 games and were negative results-wise in an incredible 24 matches.


1983 - 1984, for those who will remember it, was a completely forgettable season which saw us lose our Premier status.However, we won only four league matches and none at home until Andy Harrow scored a brilliant goal as the rain poured down at Fir Park against Saint Johnstone in late FEBRUARY.Up to that point, a certain 2-1 win at Greyskull was our only league success.Defeats?Yup, a-plenty, runs of 8 and 7 successive during 23 with only that one a win.But still not the worst run of defeats.1979.Horror year for us.That was the worst run of League defeatsMotherwell have ever endured.


During the 1910 season, which one or two will no doubt recall -), there were 8 defeats on the bounce.Prior to that, a couple of 7s, but nothing could really compare with the horror of ’79.Strangely enough we ended the run with a win over the Huns, having to play them 3 times in the last 6 league matches.In the seven games since our most recent poor show we have lost just the once, and at that a bit unluckily.On the plus side, however, we have had some superb runs.95-96, you’ll recall, we scored just twice in 14 games-then embarked on a great run of 7 games without conceding a goal.1981 - 82, unbeaten in 20 league games.


Thing is,great winning runs have been harder to achieve.There have been a few four and five - game winning streaks, but you have to go back to the Second Division campaign in 1968 for a really impressive run-there was a 12-match winning run.1955 - 56 opened with 8 wins.Two years previously 8 and 6 - game winning runs.And between 1932 and 1933 Motherwell enjoyed some good winning sequences, 7, 8, 9 and a club - record 11 wins in-a-row ( and taking out the cup games 11 league wins in succession ).1931 - 32, 19 home league matches and just 1 failed to end in a Motherwell win, a draw against the Biscuit - tin men.

That was our best period results - wise,between a September ’29 two - nil defeat to the Farts and an October 1932 reversal to Sh*ttle, the Fir Parkers were unbeaten at home in the league.


Yes, things have been bad recently, but think back to 1979,those of you of a nervous disposition may want to consult your Doctor firstly……….


Ricky Mullen

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