GLF47: Signings

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GB looks back at a couple of signings.



During the break I was listening to a Radio Programme where they were asking people to phone in and tell of players that when you first heard they were signing for your club, your first thought was either it was good or bad news.This got me thinking of two high profile players that sparked both feelings in my mind, but their time ended out completely the opposite;

DAVIE COOPER - I remember when I heard that he was signing for us from Rangers, my first reaction was that this cannae be right, what's he doing playing for us.When he was with Rangers he was one of those players you used to love giving stick to as you knew that he was truly a brilliant player if not a bit inconsistent and moody.Plus when he signed for us it looked like he was using us as a rest home before retiring gracefully.

Thankfully my initial reaction couldn't be further from the truth, as Super Cooper forced his way back into the International set up during his spell with us, as well as being an instrumental part of our 1991 Cup winning squad.He also provided some of the best entertainment I have seen in 40 years of watching the Well.His ability to make opposing players look stupid as he kept the ball tied to his left foot was a joy to watch.I happened to work alongside the full back that Coops made his debut against at Rugby Park in the League Cup, and he told me that he kept thinking he had Cooper tight in a corner only to look round to see the ball flying into the box, and he had no idea how he had done it!

He also made average players in our side into great ones, he could hold the ball and point to the likes of Dougie Arnott and tell him where to run before placing the ball dead on the spot promised.He can also take much of the credit for the early development of Boyd and O'Donnell as they broke into the first team.

All this showed how wrong my initial reaction was...

BRIAN MCCLAIR - The second coming of McClair sounded like a good thing as Harri Kampman tried to build a new side after the departure of the Ginger Whinger to Hibs.He had just left the all conquering Man Utd side, and scoring goals on a regular basis in one of the top Leagues in the world.

Sadly the version that we saw in Claret and Amber looked as though he had never seen a ball before!He couldn't pass to anyone in the same colour shirt, he couldn't tackle and none of his shots looked remotely like they would ever trouble a goalkeeper.

Thankfully Billy Davies made one of his good personnel decisions when he decided that McClair could return south not long after he took over as manager.

Maybe one day my initial reaction will be right......

Graham Barnstaple

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