GLF47: Terry's All Gold

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A history lesson from Terry


Terry's All Gold

Has there ever been a year like 2002 in 'Well's history?No, and I hope there never will be again.On the brink of the football abyss, bottom of the pile staring us in the face.However a bright glow did appear in the form of the many young players being unearthed, not seen since Bobby Ancell's babes.To revel in their play also has a down side - discipline, the season's horendous crime count makes for an X rating.This has become a trend in the last few years but this season is a particular shocker as players have to sit games out as a punishment.McFadden has a definite achilles heel, there has been so much hype over him that playing football for Motherwell doesn't seem top ofthe list.Who is to blame for this?


Has there ever been more moaning over refs by managers and players than today, pick up a paper and there it is - the referee's to blame for our defeat, bookings/sendings off were wrong etc.Never has there been so much cheating and mouthing as there is in the game today.Look at the pictures in the media day after day, managers and players mouthing abuse.Who would be a referee, forever getting new directives whilst so many players trying to con him.One big help for the ref would be to banish ALL managers/coaches into the stands where they always used to be.No wonder players are all wound up, looking at their lunatic manger's antics on the sideline.As a referee friend of mine who had years in the game said to me, there is no give and take any more.


What a load of rubbish written about the so-called Battle of Britain, Celtic v Blackburn, it should have read Battle of Foreigners.The only thing Celtic have in common with Scotland is that there ground is situated there.I am forever reading about how many people travel from Ireland to Celtic games or players from there stating their allegiance to the bigots.There only seems to be two teams supported in Ireland - Manchester United and you-know-who, no wonder Irish football wallows in medriocrity when it seems so few support their local teams.That seems to ring a bell for Scotland too.I don't know about the green team moving to England, I vote they push off over the Irish Sea as it seems that is their 'spiritual home'.


I see very little changing in football, everything is geared towards the big time - television, rules, do as we say and meekly football follows, why?MONEY.To hell with the supporter who paysat the turnstile.No wonder the old-style supporter is disappearing, disillusioned.


What chance has Scotland of having a decent team?The influx of foreigners killed off that hope and to add to that blight we have arrogant managers moaning about their players being called up for international games.Spare us from these idiots.Of course these are the same people who think that by winning the " Scottish Handicap League " they are footballing wonders.Talking about the SPL, don't the powers that b realise they are taking money under false pretences.What other sport would be tolerated when before the competition even starts, out of the twelve starters there are only two who can win, and everybody knows this nine months before the finish!?!?Anyone looking on from a distance would say only a masochist would watch such a diabolical event.Not only that, but this so-called sport has an apartheid regime as you are kept segregated from your fellow man with a strong police presence, many people are even searched.How football has sunk at the so-called top level - and this is without touching the goings-on inside the game and pitch.


I read of the youngsters who see McFadden as their favourite player, but I weep as I remember my own youth and having great affiliation with my heroes - how long will todays favourites last at your club?I was very lucky to have a favourite like Willie Redpath, a skilful footballer who was up there with the Law's and Baxter's.Luckily Motherwell didn't transfer their players who were happy to stay at Fir Park.the list of those who had a footballing lifetime at Motherwell is endless - Willie Kilmarnock, who i always pretended to be when I played, Archie Shaw, who had Claret and Amber blood, Andy Paton, dribbling in his own penalty area, what memories, it goes on and on.How sad I feel as todays agents dangle the money sign in front of todays heroes and off they go as the smaller clubs are deflated little by little.The young today can never have the feeling the old Steelmen supporters had - is this progress?


The drink culture in football amazes me, a never-ending saga of booze-related trouble in the game and yet when in my younger days (wow, do I feel old!) and playing football, I used to read books written by footballers and articles on sport and one subject always written about and emphasised was the shunning of drink and cigarettes.A sportsman's tools are his body, so keep it as fit and healthy as possible, advice a paid heed to.Down the years it has fell on deaf ears, great talents have been wasted as these so-called sportsmen abuse their bodies.


Two who should have been role models but instead were complete idiots were Best and Baxter, content instead to boast of their drinking prowess.You would think players of today would learn from two high-profile ruined bodies, but instead it seems to get worse, especially with so much paid in wages nowadays.


Clubs don't help either as these players should be shown the door, but instead are handed a piffling fine which is loose change to these over-paid morons.Supporters son't seem to mind and continue to stump up their hard-earned money to help feed the appetite of these avaricious good-time yobs.





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