GLF 60: Blackpool Rock

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GLF 60: Geoff give his views from the seaside.


Blackpool Rock



MOTHERWELLBottom six it is then.That leaves us a few things to achieve.Firstly we must hope and pray that Livi have gathered enough points so that we can officially relegate them this coming week.Secondly we must make sure we are Champions of the bottom six.Thirdly we must try and give some of our talented youngsters a run in the side while still striving to get as many points as possible,our previous best in a season with a split being 48.That number should show you that this season has been far from a failure.We failed to get in the Top Six despite having 44 points and we have reached a Cup semi-final only to cruelly lose it. This summer could mean a time of change with Corrigan and Hammell the immediate favourites to leave.We must trust Terry to rebuild the squad as best he can.Things could be worse,we could have Alex McLeish still in charge and we know how bad he is in the transfer market.As for replacing the full backs,do we not have potential replacements in Quinn and Paterson ?


BLACKPOOLAs you read this today I shall be visiting a new ground ( for me ) in support of Blackpool.The fixtures post-split have not been kind to me although I will make Motherwell's away games.Today I am at the only team with a rude word in their name;Scunthorpe United,at Glanford Park.The way things are going Blackpool could well be heading for a last day must win game against Gillingham in order to stay up.Recent form has been improved but,like all the clubs at the foot of the table,this is what happens every year.League One has been tight throughout the season and any club that falters at this late stage could be doomed.


BRIAN MCLEANGetting away from the debacle over his ‘ Irishness ' it's been interesting to read that Terry Butcher is willing to go through a tribunal to permanently sign McLean.I think he has proved an excellent player for us and has also provided valuable goals but, in this day and age,is it really necessary for a club like Motherwell to be spending money on transfer fees ?Could any potential fee be spent on wages for another player available for nothing ?Undoubtedly it could but that seems to be a risk Terry is worth taking to secure McLean at the club.I hope he proves value for money.


ALAN MCCORMACKA fairly consistent performer in his right-sided role McCormack has been a revelation since switching to central midfield.My personal choice as player of the year I would be delighted if we could acquire him permanently but I'm sure Billy Davies has been monitoring his progress and he is still highly thought of down this way.I fear we may have seen the last of him but it's been good while it lasted.


MIDDLESBROUGHI don't know what's been happening recently but Boro have taken on a whole new lease of life.I'm sure this fanzine's former editor won't thank me for referring to them as bland and boring but,in my eyes,they reflected their manager earlier in the season.Definitely the beige team of the Premiership they have suddenly found how to score and overturned Basle in an astounding European tie before putting four past Charlton in the Cup.Surely there's no connection with the interviews held around the same time for the vacant England manager's job.Most of the press would like to see Martin O'Neill in place.He would certainly bring passion to the post but McClaren would probably provide the degree of blandness and conformity that the English FA would prefer.


What a shame it would be to see Livi depart the SPL.If such a fate is due then no doubt we can expect every legal trick in the book to be tried in order that they preserve their place in the top league.There have already been mutterings about insisting that St Mirren install undersoil heating,for one season,but that's probably only the opening salvo as this most despicable of teams clutch at straws to achieve their aim.


RANGERS INNOCENT OF BIGOTRY The astonishing decision by UEFA that ‘ Billy Boys ' should go unpunished purely because neither the SFA nor Scottish Executive has taken action previously appalled me.The song is now officially ‘ somehow tolerated ' to use UEFA's words.Not in my mind it isn't,nor in the minds of most decent human beings.David Murray spoke the usual guff about no-one doing more than Rangers to eradicate bigotry but that was typical rhetoric and he himself must know that his team has got off unbelievably lightly.I don't know if UEFA thought that fining Rangers would open up a whole new set of problems for them but they should have taken action.No doubt since then that Rangers supporters will have seen this line as an official endorsement of the song and will have been giving it laldy ever since.What a sad society we live in.The SFA have obviously not got the balls to take action against the Old Firm so it's time the Scottish Executive stepped in and brought in legislation to rid football,if not Scotland,of this disease.



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