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GLF61:JC's thoughts at the start of the season.




Monkey - So the monkey was finally removed from our backs against the Bairns after the worst start I can remember in the SPL and very indifferent pre-season results, but lets get behind Malpas & Co.Continuity isthe name of the game, not panic changes.It's early days............


Hampden -Third season in a row we get to visit the National Stadium in the CIS Cup, but let's have no slip-ups and secure a return visit in the Semi/Final.I saw Queens turn over Accies who had two spot-kicks saved by the Spiders keeper,so no extra-time/penalties please Well.


SPL II - Pierce Flynn'sgrandois idea taken on board as a goer supposedly to attract investors and TV interest - wot a joke.TV and media onlyinterested in Bigot matches.With only two lions and a stupid drummerturning up at Livi at the best of times, if it was on the telly who'd bother To nail one of the much talked about myths of Junior club Pollok joiningSFL in place of Shire/Wee Rovers, I watch the Glasgow club and canadvise that the committee men I talk to at Newlandsfield have no interest in joining the league as they get much better crowds than most Div 3 & 2 sides but are happy at Junior level.


Hammell & Hammy - Goodbye to both.Suprised Hammell left for 'SammyShrimper' - seemed strange choice but I wish him well.Big Jim could come back to haunt us with Fife's Premier club.I was never overly keen on his style ofplay prior to him joining Motherwell but he did put in ashift while wearing the Claret n' Amber, again I wishhim well except when he plays the 'Well.


Real Fans - Decent atmosphere at Gretna v Derry City tie.Pity Motherwellfans can't get to the same level noise-wise as those who followthe Irish side.


Motivation... - ...... is the name of the game, and questions have been raised inthe media as regards Mo & Heggarty's ability to motivate theplayers at the club.Butcher's style has been cited in comparisonto Malpas' less confrontational stance.Confidence allied tomotivation all come into the mix - let's hope Motherwell can get afew home wins to bolster confidence when on the road.



John Creighton

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