Hibs- 24h On

Last updated : 21 August 2006 By Firparkcorner

In his post match comments Malpas suggested that a bit of luck was needed to help turn things around. There is no doubt that Madam Fortune has not smiled upon our new manager. The combined loss of Hammell, Corrigan, McLean and now O'Donnell results in major deficit in our playing strength.

Hurry back guys!

His attempts to fill the gaps have been thwarted and our lack of financial muscle does nothing to help the cause. He has had to reshuffle the pack and ask some to play out of position. But we have been in similar positions before.

The difference this time is that the team seems to be without a leader. Through the dark times of administration and with a heavily depleted squad we had Scott Leitch fighting and scrapping in the middle of the park. He formed part of a team which fought like tigers when they had their backs to the wall. They would press teams of better ability and force them into errors. They would chase lost causes and charge up the park in numbers when we moved to attack. They had a belief that they could come out top in a scrap.

The difference between then and now is that in times past we had McFadden, Pearson, Hammell and Corrrigan led by a manager whose claim to fame was his ability to kick dressing room doors. Surely it is unreasonable to judge Malpas after four games with a depleted squad?

Keep the head up Mo!

Lasley is now in place and his appearance against Hibs suggests that he will be an important part of our revival. In the weeks to come McLean and Corrigan will stabilise the defence. If Malpas is able to find a left back and another midfielder we will be well on the road to recovery.

What we need now is a team which can show some character and a belief that they can scrap. They need to keep our heads above water until the rescuers appear.

Although we have enjoyed the CIS Cup in recent seasons the need for a win against
Falkirk next weekend has to be the top priority.