Motherwell on the move?

Last updated : 25 February 2008 By Firparkcorner

He argued that the current stadium faced increasing maintenance costs and that the board had a duty to look to the future welfare of the club. He emphasised that they were in the very early stages of the investigation of a new ground but suggested that a meeting or two had already taken place.

Although the possibility of a move to the site of the former steelworks has long been the subject of rumour and speculation, this is the first official word from the club that a move is being considered. Boyle felt it appropriate that shareholders be informed of the board's intentions rather than to find out story in a newspaper.

Fans will inevitably fall into two camps. There will be many whose attachment to the traditional old ground lies deep and they will see any thought of a move as some sort of spiritual wrench. Others will argue that a modern stadium will have lower running costs, particularly if some deal can be worked out with the local council. Ten or twelve thousand purpose build stadium could simply be a natural progression from a ground which was designed with terraces.

Although the new chairman used the words 'very initial discussions' and 'early days' it seems clear that our stay at Fir Park could be over in a few years.