Outrageous SFL Send Us to Easter Road

Last updated : 18 November 2004 By Firparkcorner

No OAP concessions
How anyone can believe that another Edinburgh ground cannot favour the team from Gorgie Road is hard to understand. The game now becomes a local fixture for our opponents and many will be able to reach the ground by using local public transport.

Meanwhile the Motherwell support will have to postpone their travelling plans for Hampden until the final and start to plan for a midweek trek through to Edinburgh. Has any compared parking facilities at both grounds?

Just to run salt in the wounds we are faced with ticket prices of £24, £22, £18 and £10 with no concessions for OAPs. ‘Well fans have reached this stage of the competition without playing a game at home and the club is to raise a protest on our behalf.

John Boyle is quoted on the official site saying, “We will be writing to the SFL to protest at this decision and we are disappointed the other clubs involved feel it is necessary to charge full prices for these matches. Surely, the objective is to make these ties as good value for money as possible.

“We feel that it would be in the fans interests to have lower prices, particularly fans who will have to travel mid-week to the matches. Our supporters are now facing the prospect of not only travelling to Edinburgh for a semi-final tie at Easter Road but then having to pay top dollar when they get there.”

Fans interested in expressing their views may wish to know that the SFL email address is info@scottishfootballleague.com