Phil O'Donnell Stand

Last updated : 28 December 2016 By Firparkcorner

Motherwell have announced the Main Stand will be renamed the Phil O'Donnell Stand.  The unveiling ceremony will take place before the start of next season.

After Phil's tragic death there were immediate calls for a lasting memorial to be created and the club have acted quickly.The players will wear special strips with Phil's autograph embroidered on the chest for the rest of the season but changing the Main Stand will last forever.

The signage on the side of the stand at the north end will be replaced for the start of next season along with a commemorative plaque.Phil's family will be invited to the dedication ceremony.

Speaking to the official site, John Boyle said: "There have been many suggestions put forward on how this should be done and all with the very best of intentions.However, the club and our supporters believe the renaming of the Main Stand as the Phil O'Donnell stand is entirely fitting in view of the outstanding contribution Phil made to the club over many years. We have consulted members of Phil's family who have indicated their support and appreciation of the tribute."

While the decision will meet with little resistance some fans may be concerned that the club is not doing enough to remember heroes of previous generations. The two stands dedicated to players at Fir Park are both from the last twenty years and while tragic circumstances have forced these decisions, it could be argued that no stand being named after John 'Sailor' Hunter is a particular disgrace.

That argument can come later though. The club have acted swiftly and in an appropriate manner at this delicate time and deserve credit for that.