Tangerines Show Interest in McDonald

Last updated : 20 July 2006 By Firparkcorner

The Tannadice manager states, "I enquired about Scott because he's a player I rate highly. I just wanted to know how much he would cost and then it seemed it was going to be quite a lot. I would like Scott but I don't know if Maurice would want any of my players."

The article claims that the initial proposal was a swap involving David Fernandez and Jim McIntyre. Malpas declined.

The McDonald case will be an early test for our new manager. He has to ensure that the wee striker delivers the goods for Motherwell while he stays on our books but at the same time he has to give consideration to any interest from other clubs.

From Skippy's perspective the shop window is open. He will be well aware that his best chance of a move will come from an early season goal glut and the media attention available for the opening game will provide him with a great opportunity.

While player exchange deals have their place, there is no doubt that a few hundred thousand pounds in hard cash would be the preferred offer. If Brewster is serious about pursuing our man he may have to persuade Eddie Thomson to open his cheque book. Whether McDonald would see a move up the road to Dundee as a suitable challenge is another matter.

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