Well Society AGM 2018

The Well Society reported on another successful year at the second AGM as owners of Mothewell FC.  As custodians of the club members can be proud of their achievements but there remains plenty to do in the future.

Douglas Dickie chaired the meeting in front of a modest audience in Fir Park's Millenium Suite supported by board members Marcus Schieren and Gavin Whitefield.  Apologies were submitted on behalf of the missing and the suggestion of finding more appropriate date for the AGM was floated.

The chairman gave an upbeat report based on the growing membership and income that followed an impressive on-field season.  Currently there are 2,615 members (1,989 adults and 626  juniors) but only around 40% are signed up to the pledging scheme.  It is a high priority task that database upgrades are completed to enable contact with potential donors.

Nevertheless average monthly income is £15,000 and with additional fundraising annual income was £200,000 and that was subject to Les Hutchison's 'Double your Money' scheme.  With payback from transfer income the debt to our former owner has fallen from £1.6M to £900K.  The likliehood is that it could be £700K by the end of this year and that discounts any transfer income.  The goal of eliminating the debt creeps closer.

The team and the Community Trust staff have now signed up, an indication that everone is pulling in the same direction.  Fundraing activities have been productive.  The share sale produced £40K while auctions, the nostalgia evening, The Well Bois and the MFC Podcast all swelled the coffers.

The Society is spreading its tentacles wide though the community.  A Business club has been formed (new members will be welcomed) and support for the Community Trust and the Academy continues.  A £5K grant has been approved to purchase video equipment.  A presentation will soon be made to the parents of Academy youngsters to spread the word.

The Exiles club has been set up and an event was held before the Scottish cup final. 

It was agreed to enlarge the Society board by two in order that the workload can be better managed. 

Since the Society was formed around £900K has been passed to the club.  Much of this has been used to assist in the creation of the first class playing surface, the new scoreboard and the ongoing maintenance of the stadium.

Much work remains but with the continued support of 'Well fans the club will remain at the heart of its community.

Well Society AGM 2017