WellTrust AGM

Last updated : 17 May 2004 By Firparkcorner

Martin Rose made some remarks from the chair about the Trust’s activities in the past year. He thanked current board members for their efforts and made particular mention of Jim Kean, Joe Smith and David Thomson who are standing down.

He pointed out that the year has been one of transition for the club and that the release from administration would provide opportunities for the club to increase its influence. He reaffirmed that it was an objective of the Trust to have a representative on the board of the club as of right and that fundraising activities would, in part, be devoted to building a shareholding.

Alistair Stewart delivered the financial report. He said that we had 459 members (and he encouraged any who had not yet renewed their membership to do so soon) and outlined the major transactions on the statements. The Pitch In scheme would be a major fundraiser in the coming year.

Two nominations had been received for the vacant positions on the board. Alan Burrows and Jim Haldane were thereby elected.

Keith Brown outlined a couple projects though which Trust members (and others) could lend a hand to the club. The ‘boot room’ is in need of refurbishment and the idea of the Trust taking on the task of providing materials and volunteers was floated. On a grander scale, it seems that the alleyways and tunnels in the stadium need to be painted in a contrasting colour to the rest of the stadium to comply with regulations. Is it possible that we can supply dozens (hundreds?) of fans to wield paintbrushes?

We may be asking for supporters to ‘Get your rollers out for the lads’ soon!

There followed a discussion ranging from player sponsorship to press coverage and the meeting was closed