What price tradition?

Last updated : 08 July 2008 By Firparkcorner

When looking at the detail of the bid, £300,000 for a year, it is hard to be critical of him saying no. The offer wasn't peanuts but it probably wasn't enough to make us think seriously either.

However, this could well be just the start of a bidding process, not just from the radio station, and fans should probably accept the idea in principle to avoid pain later on.

And after all, does it really matter? Tradition is an abstract concept and there will always be arguments over what parts of the past are worth retaining. No doubt some people were outraged at the sight of a sponsor's logo appearing on our famous jersey for the first time and even the board once grandly announced that advertising wouldn't be allowed on the perimeter hoardings.

Those changes came and went and we are all still here today. If Fir Park does have a name change, no one is going to seriously use the new title anyway. Motherwell fans will definitely use the old name and with the exception of a couple of newspaper wits spotting the chance for a laugh, chances are no one will else care.

If we are ever offered a seven figure sum it would be madness to reject the chance to buy or keep players like Porter and Hughes with the extra cash. And it must be considered that we will not be the only side approached - Dundee United set the trend last season with extra sponsors on their kits and we are now trying to follow.

If the choice is between playing at Fir Park in the First Division or staying in the SPL at the Geronimo Bar stadium then surely there is little alternative.

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