Mike's Moan - Let's Get Behind The Team

Last updated : 21 August 2006 By Firparkcorner

No manager could have coped with the problems Maurice Malpas has encountered this season and yes, maybe he has been slow in the transfer market but the two he has brought in look great signings. The loss of Corrigan and McLean to the defence, along with the departure of Hammell, has left a huge gaping hole - so big in fact that even Aberdeen fluked two goals against us. But hopefully the hole is getting smaller and when McClean returns and Reynolds gets moved to left back the team will have a much better balance. Until then, however, we just have to tough it out and hope for the best as there is very little that can be done.

We also need to find the right blend up front, although again this is just down to confidence. I think with the players we have Malpas should play one up with two just behind, as 4-4-2 is not working. My three would be Foran and McCormack playing behind Macdonald. This would give us the opportunity of playing three tighter in midfield (Kerr, Lasley & Fitz) which in turn would help the defence. This formation would also give us the opportunity of playing our best players, as unfortunately I don't think McBride can start anymore and Clarkson flatters to deceive. I don't like jumping on the bandwagon and slating players for the sake of it, but McBride has totally lost whatever he used to have when he arrived from Celtic, and Clarkson is not a striker.

If you look at the four games we have played so far this season, none of them have been easy. Even with our strongest team out we would have struggled against Rangers and Hibs away, and St Mirren in their first home game after coming up was always going to be hard. We should have taken something from Aberdeen, but no one could have foreseen our most consistent player making two mistakes to chuck the points away. There have been many draws in the SPL so far, so a couple of wins would move us up to about half way in the table, so lets get behind the team and cheer them all the way to victory in the cup and a comfortable three points against the Bairns!!!