Mike's Moan - Looking Forward to Saturday?

Last updated : 12 August 2006 By Mike
As a loyal Well fan it is almost a prerequisite to be an optimist - that we are going to have a good season, punch above our weight, and beat teams that have so called better players. However, at this very moment I am finding it difficult, and have almost conceded defeat to Aberdeen tomorrow. (well, ok I havn't but I'm close)

The most worrying thing to me about the current state of the team is that the fans are being told very little about what is going on - apart from “we are getting frustrated with our transfer targets”. Why not tell us who these transfer targets are so at least we can get a little excited about the prospect of signing someone, but instead it's just doom and gloom. Look at Kilmarnock, they are trying to sign Lasley and Fernandez, and they are telling their fans this, so at least Killie fans know what is going on. At Motherwell we get told nothing, the PR is diabolical, and currently the team is no better.

Again in tomorrow's game we are going to have a totally untried defence and I know we have been unfortunate with injuries, but MM surely could have brought in a short term solution. Any experienced centre half would be better than what we have just now, dare I say it even someone like Greg bloody Strong! (that statement is extremely worrying).

We are showing very little initiative and are going to suffer because of it. A poor Aberdeen side will most likely take three points against us because we have not acted and either the manager or the board has to take the responsibility for this. They need to stop feeding us crap like we are only signing players that will make the team better, because at the moment the team has no backbone and any experienced signing would make it better.

We can only hope that Soutar and Reynolds turn out to be revelations and that Paul Quinn somehow finds something deep down within himself that allows him to pass to a Motherwell player. Also that MM does not play O'Donnell and Kerr alone in the centre midfield, and that McCormack and Macdonald get the opportunity to play in the same team. This I fear is our only chance of winning, unless of course we sign someone before…. don't be silly!

Mike's moan