Mike's Moan - Things Are Looking Up

Last updated : 25 August 2006 By Mike

Tuesday's game saw us improve and we can only hope that we take this improvement into Saturday's game and chalk up our first league win of the season. I think Lasley has made a massive difference in the midfield and if we can only convince Malpas to play Fitz instead of McBride it would be even better. I don't like to slate players but I think it has come to the point where McBride needs slating, as he is slow, uninventive and looks totally uninterested. What the hell has happened to him? I don't know. He has gone from a skilful midfielder with an eye for goal to a useless Old Firm reject who couldn't even get a game for Aberdeen!

We have a good record against Falkirk and I fully expect us to go there and pick up three points. It is vital that we stop Russell Latapy since he controls the Falkirk team. If Lasley puts in another high energy performance and Kerr improves, I think our midfield should be too strong for theirs and that we should create chances. Skippy was excellent the other night so let's forget about selling him and saying how he looks uninterested and concentrate on supporting him as he is easily our most creative player. Ritchie looked good as well and we all know he plays better when he is scoring, so his confidence should be high and hopefully he can notch another on Saturday.

My only worry about the Falkirk game is that we give away another stupid goal and that heads go down. Our defence is looking better, and Reynolds looks great, but no one can legislate for some of the goals we have lost. If Falkirk score from good play then ok, but let's not make mistakes and make it easy for them. If we cut out the errors and drop McBride, then in my view there is only one winner - ‘mon the ‘Well!!!