Mike's Moan- after Aberdeen

Last updated : 14 August 2006 By Mike

I honestly do not know why this happened, because although the team did play better, they were still not great and the centre of midfield was feeble at best. However, I think I saw a glimpse of us maybe turning this season around. A big part of this was the performance of Mark Reynolds. I thought he looked solid all match, especially as he was playing out of position. In my opinion Malpas can stop hunting for a left back and concentrate on getting a few midfield players in, as Reynolds looks like a good defender, comfortable on the ball, and with a good left foot.

No one can legislate for Buzz's mistake but we can't get on his case because he is a great keeper and we are lucky to have him. I'm sure the second goal was a foul, but I'm afraid these will be the decisions that will go against us until we get our first win. The midfield is the big problem and I have to repeat myself by saying O'Donnell is past it and should be a sub at best. We need at least two midfielders, with Lasley and Alan McCormack fitting the bill perfectly.

However, Kilmarnock have come out saying they are desperate to sign Lasley if they can agree terms and McCormack appears to be in Preston's first team plans.

This leaves Motherwell looking for alternatives and we seem to be pathetic at identifying suitable players.

Hibs are up next with Easter Road not a happy hunting ground for us. However, they have had a poor start to the season as well and will be under a little pressure to record their first win against us. If we can get at least one midfielder in I think we stand a reasonable chance of taking something but as we all know this is a big ‘IF'. I would still like to see Macdonald and McCormack playing in the same team and would also like to see Fitz get his chance. I don't rate McGarry and although Clarkson played well on Saturday his finishing is always a big worry. He just doesn't have a stiker's killer instinct in front of goal and if I was MM I would play him on the wing and try and improve his crossing ability.

Mike's Moan Team Rating for the Aberdeen game:

Smith - 4 (please no more mistakes)

Quinn - 5 (passing not his strong point)

Paterson - 6 (trying his best)

Craigan - 6 (looked solid)

Reynolds - 6 (great prospect - keep him in the team)

Kerr - 6 (needs someone strong beside him)

O'Donnell - 4 (cash his pension and get him out of there)

McGarry - 5 (first division player)

McBride - 6 (looked better than last season)

Clarkson - 6 (tried hard, finishing a worry)

MacDonald - 7 (hardly wasted a ball, but needs to be more of a goal threat)