Mike's Moan: One In - More Please

Last updated : 18 August 2006 By Mike

Our defence is terrible, are midfield is worse, and are forwards are quite good on paper - but couldn't score in a Quentin Tarintino style Bratislava Hostel!

However the signing of Lasley has definitely lifted the doom and gloom and we can all now see a light at the end of the tunnel, well almost. He is sure to add a bit of grit and determination to the midfield and can also chip in with the odd goal. I actually think Las and Kerr could be quite a good midfield combination, with a rejuvenated Kevin McBride on the right and Ross McCormack on the left. However, a blind Aberdeen fan smoking crack could see we still need more signings and I only hope Malpas and Hegarty share this opinion. The transfer deadline is getting closer and closer and I hope they have identified suitable targets and are working hard behind the scenes. Another midfielder and a defender is a must!

That's the good news over, now for the moan. The Ryan Dickson situation was a shambles and took the biscuit (and the cake and the friggin ice cream) It summed up our transfer policy this summer. A player that we have been after for months becomes available, so everyone thinks ‘thank god' at least we will have a decent left back in as the management team must have done their homework on him - WRONG!!! Suddenly when they see him in the flesh he is no longer good enough and they let him go. Now I don't know about anyone else, but this makes me extremely worried as they obviously don't have a bloody clue what they are doing! (I hope I'm wrong)

Moan over!

So bring on Easter Road, a place where our record is worse than Malpas's signing policy. The only ray of light is that Hibs have had a bad start to the season as well and will be under pressure to beat us and this might let us sneak in and get a result. I think it is a good thing that O'Donnell is out, as he can't play with Kerr in midfield although Malpas obviously thinks otherwise. MM surely has to bring in Fitzpatrick, if Lasley is not match fit, as he deserves a chance as he always looks good when he comes off the bench. I would also drop McGarry and play McCormack wide, as he looks quick, skilful and hungry - another good decision by MM to drop him last week!!?

I know it is still to early to judge the team this season, and we could still sign more players but I don't understand why the club is not trying to put out any positive PR to give the fans something to get excited about. Unlike many, I still think we could have a half decent season if we sign another decent midfielder, so lets just hope what I have said previously is not true and they have a cunning plan up their sleeves. Crazy prediction, but I think we will fluke a result on Saturday!

Welcome back Keith!!!