Fir Park Conspiracy Theory

Last updated : 14 April 2003 By Jason Henderson

The Theory:-

"Fir Park is part of an overall sell-off of land which will net around

Under North Lanarkshire Council's proposals Fir Park School is to disappear
and be amalgamated into two other schools.

Motherwell College has applied to the Scottish Executive to relocate to the
new Ravenscraig development.

There is the possiblity of a stadium with leisure facilities to be included
in the Ravenscraig project.

Obviously, with Motherwell is the Premier Division it would be hard to sell
the ground without an uproar.

Is our current situation coincidental or part of a big business conspiracy?

When the club was put in administration, it got rid of the backbone of the
team - relegation seemed certain and St.Johnstone looked the favourites to
come back up.

Initially the club was up for sale for £1,000,000 but when bids of the
asking price were made the price was increased - is this to keep the club in

Motherwell get relegated and the fan base drops, making an the opposition to
a sale of Fir Park much harder.

Fir Park is then sold, and Motherwell lease the stadium with leisure
facilities which is built in the Ravenscraig area."