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Last updated : 12 April 2003 By Firparkcorner

Falkirk WILL Come Up

I posted this recently on the FPC message board, but decided to put it here so when it happens, I can take some credit!! ;-)

Here's what's happening...

The SPL want to bring Falkirk up. The Bairns have submitted a document in which they state they will ground share but the rules state that they can't do this come up without a vote. Knowing that holding a vote during the season would see the relegation threatened clubs voting "No", they have left it to the summer - knowing that only one club will have a reason to vote against Falkirk coming up - the twelfth place team.

It all makes sense - during the summer, a vote will be held, first to eleventh will vote to bring them up, Dundee United in last place will vote "No" and go down.

The Scottish Cup

Come May 31st Scott Leitch will lift the trophy high above his head in front of 25,000 ‘Well fans. It will happen.

After knocking Kilmarnock out of the cup through a James McFadden goal no Motherwell fans could imagine what would await. In the Fourth Round we were drawn against Clyde, in a match that was tipped to be the upset of the round. But thanks to Faddy again, we sailed through the game and found ourselves travelling to Stair Park. McFadden, Lehmann and Adams, as well as an own goal, put us into the semi-final against Dunfermline or Rangers.

On Wednesday night, Jimmy Calderwood must have been really angry with his side – they looked terrible, and it was a real embarrassment to have to admit we lost 3-0 to them the Saturday before. Rangers secured a semi-final place with a three goal victory.

On Friday morning I purchased my semi ticket – something that will be worth a lot in a few decades in the “2003 Cup Win Collection.”

After the second half against Dundee, I have absolute confidence we will beat Rangers. I have been told that we will have no chance against Rangers on a park as wide as Hampden – but what about our left side of the team? When playing their best football Hammell, Pearo and Faddy make up the best left side in the SPL – and on a wide pitch such as Hampden, they will be able to flourish. Add Steven Craig, who was immense on the left against Dundee, and you have a machine that will demolish Fernando Ricksen or Maurice Ross on the right of the defence.

The dream is coming true.

Shaun Fagan

A wee mention for Shaun Fagan who will be out for the rest of the season. Hopefully by May 31st he will be able to get up the stairs without crutches in order to lift the cup.