Report: Dunfermline 3 'Well 1

Last updated : 19 May 2002 By Firparkcorner
Eric Black was able to field the same starting eleven as had delivered the goods against both halves at Dundee but that was where the similarity ended.
We lacked direction and spark. What little good play we delivered was not seen until we were three down. Any attempted attacks consisted of either long punts up the field to Elliott or far post free kicks to Ready's blonde head. Neither tactic produced the goods.

We went one down in twenty five minutes - shortly after the first goal attempt by either team. An inswinging free kick from the left ing arrived around the six yard line and Skerla reacted first.

It was fortunate that the score was no worse by the break. The Pars had several opportunities while their goalie had nothing to do but try to keep warm in a biting cold wind.

As in the cup tie we expected a change after the break but Lehmann did not appear. Indeed Eric B delayed his debut until we fell further behind. Less than five minutes into the second half Mason escaped our midfield's attention and shot home from eighteen yards.

Dirk Lehmann's appearance did little tgo change the pattern of the game and we lost another goal on the hour mark. Bullen flicked a low cross into the corner.

We were showing some anger and frustration now andfor the first time in the game we started to play. McFadden's consolation goal was the best of the match. Hammell won the ball on our goal line and he supplied Elliott with a pass. He ran seventy yards before supplying Lehmann on the left wing. Jamie had run the lenght of the park and met the cross close in. A great goal but clearly too late to change the result.

We can lick our wounds for and attempt to get pack to winning ways on Wednesday against Kilmarnock.