Report: Dunfermline 3 'Well 1 Cup Round 3

Last updated : 19 May 2002 By Firparkcorner
A quiet, crestfallen, and shattered Eric Black had few words to describe the debacle. "At three down the game was over" he whispered. "We switched to three at the back after the first twenty minutes" he offered, but it made no difference. "Ready took ill this morning, he has a virus". But he still managed to speak positively about the contributions from Lasley, McFadden and Pearson.

Those few positive comments about the youngsters may suggest the he is aware now of the scale of the task he and Terry face in turning around the fortunes at Fir Park. The suspicion has to be that as soon as resources allow we'll see many changes in personnel.

But there still remain unanswered questions. Why did Elliott not start? Why, give that we were two down at halftime, did Elliott not appear after the break. Pars fans after the game expressed amazement and gratitude that he failed to appear until the eightieth minute. "Why wasn't Elliot on from the start ???? He always causes us problems when he plays." Was a typical comment.

The line up at the kick off was 4-4-2. And within minutes it was clear that we were in bother. Despite our healthy support giving far more encouragement than the home team received, we were pinned into our own half for long spells. They had several fair chances but we survived.

We carried no threat up front - indeed it was typified by a shot from McFadden shortly before they scored the opener. He was just outside the box, a clear view of the target and unchallenged. The ball flew to the touchline for a shy!

Then the poor show got worse. Crawford got his first of the day when a crossed ball was not cut out at the near post. With no defenders near him he had an easy goal. Almost immediately the cry arose, "Elliott, Elliott" but there was no change forthcoming. Woods then produced a fine save to keep us in the hunt, but not for long.

Just before the break we conceded an free kick on the 'dee' and Thomson slammed the free kick low to Woods' left post. Two down and no hope of a reprieve unless the Gods of the Mists would lend a helping hand and envelope the ground in the mist - no chance.

There had to be a chance at half time. Everyone in the park knew what was needed. Elliott would replace a defender. Surely. (Why didn't he start the game anyway?)

To our surprise we saw Eddie Forrest sanding at the touchline. Off came Soloy and Corrigan moved into the centre of midfield. Yes, the right back was to become the playmaker.

Before the back three had time to introduce themselves we conceded the third. Crawford again.

And that was that. We pushed up the park and had a few chances but the game was over. The away fans began to criticise rather than support. Then, ten minutes to go, on came Elliott. We didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Of course, he scored within minutes. Not that it mattered.

We were well beaten by an ordinary Dunfermline side. They were competent but more significantly they were 'up for it'. We were not. The shattered manager had better figure out why…and soon.