Report: 'Well 2 Killie 0

Last updated : 19 May 2002 By Firparkcorner
The game was in doubt right up to kick off. The ground staff forked for all their worth while the players took part in a sodden warm up. The turnstiles remained closed until twenty five minutes before the start of the game. At half time we were treated to the sight of Alisdair Barron in shirt sleeves digging for victory to drain water from the area in front of the dugout.

Faddy's gonna score…

However praiseworthy were the efforts to ensure the game went ahead they don't measure up to the effort of the team who battled through the mud to deliver a precious third consecutive home win.

We started the better team and in the first ten minutes it became clear that we had adjusted to the conditions better than the opposition. We passed the ball with confidence, displayed a willingness to make runs for the man in possession and showed a eagerness to press forward at every opportunity.

Well done James!

The first goal (in eleven minutes) came from McFadden (of course). We had a free kick outside the box and his left foot curler over the defensive wall moved away from the outstretched Marshall finding the side net for a wonderful opener.

A few minutes later Elliott had a flashing header which was tipped over the bar with an instinctive save. And then we scored a second.

Faddy's running was causing them all sorts of problems and he rattled in a long range shot which resulted in a corner at the west end of the South Stand. A short corner to Faddy and he sent in a deep cross finding Dirk Lehmann beyond the back post. He shot firm and true from an acute angle and the game was over.

Woods made a few significant saves (on a foul night for the keepers) and the defence stood firm. Deloumeaux and Lasley again had outstanding games but so did they all.

The referee went on a crazy spree of booking every 'Well infringement while ignoring most opposition fouls. We amassed five booking in what was never a dirty game. There were some fierce sliding tackles but no bones were broken.

Killie pushed us back for long spells in the second half but apart from one shot which Woods pushed on to the post we were not troubled. Lehmann supplied Elliott with a perfect pass across the face of the goal for the third but he fluffed the easy chance. We move up a place in the league.

Consider this .... three home huddles - three wins and our best run of the season (three wins from four) and Stevie Woods is the goalie. Woods, Woods Woods!