'Well Win Again at Rugby Park

Last updated : 25 January 2003 By Firparkcorner

The away stand was three quarters full before the kick off and the fans were in party mood as the team warmed up. The full repertoire of ‘Well songs, interspersed with several choruses of ‘Stand Up for the Motherwell’, encouraged the players as the manager supervised the pre match routines. And the players responded right from the whistle.

McFadden sends Marshall the wrong way
We took the kick off with DuBordeau just in front of the ‘Well fans and despite the game taking off at high speed there was little in the way of football to report for most of the first half. Killie had a strong wind in their favour and they made little of it.

The turning point came when Clarkson took possession some thirty yards out. He chased his flick into the box and his persistence was rewarded when he cut across Shields. The ref pointed to the spot as the defender impeded the seventeen year old and Faddy had his moment of glory.

Marshall move to his right and the ball passed him on his left. The crowd were on their feet as the players celebrated. We had only ten minutes to wait until the break and the advantage of the wind. We almost increased the lead just before the break but Marshall saved McFadden’s shot.

The game was almost finished in forty six minutes when Partridge, after a good tackle sent a wonderful pass forward to Clarkson. His touch let him down and the chance was gone. The youngster was soon to be the victim of a thumping challenge from Innes who was walking for the early bath well before referee Underhill produced the red card.

A second half attack
Despite some huffing and puffing, Killie rarely looked like scoring an equaliser. In fact we should have killed off the tie as we had several good chances. DuBordeau was called upon late on the game and he made a good save.

Overall we deserved the win, particularly on the second half performance.

With McFadden now suspended for four games young Clarkson has the opportunity to have an extended run in the first team. His performance today suggests that he will relish the opportunity and it could be that the youth development department of the club has produced another gem.

So, for the first time in a couple of seasons we go into the hat for the fourth round. Fingers crossed.