FirParkCorner FC: A Rough Guide to WorldNet

Last updated : 23 June 2005 By Firparkcorner

However, WorldNet is much more than copious amounts of lager or buckfast if you’re the Airdrie team. This year is the 10th Anniversary of the tournament, a tremendous achievement for the organisers considering that it generally isn’t taken too seriously by the teams. We return once again to The University Of Leeds' Bodington Hall over the weekend of the 15th,16th and 17th of July.

C'est chic, non?
There are 64 teams ready and raring to go, not just from across the UK but also further afield. FirParkCorner took on Inter Milan’s representatives last year and they are returning this time. Also joining them are RC Lens amongst othee continental sides. With each team having the opportunity of taking up to 22 players, the event has blossomed from 16 teams who took part 10 years ago at Nottingham during the Euro 96 tournament to a huge tournament with well over 1000 players, supporters and volunteers enjoying the festivities.

The weekend starts with an informal get together in the Bodington Bar, the scene two years ago of the famous Motherwell verses Airdrie sing-off. Saturday morning heralds the start of the competition with sixteen groups of competing teams. By the end of the day we’ll split into the cup and plate competitions. The separate 32 team tournaments on Sunday become a sudden death knockout competition. Away from the matches details of the weekend are sketchy, the Corner boys usually head into Leeds City Centre to prepare themselves for the following day’s events, as mentioned earlier it’s not necessarily the football that makes the weekend it’s the company and camaraderie.

You can follow FirParkCorner FC’s run up to Leeds over the next three weeks here at We’ll also try and remember the triumphs and tragedies which have occurred over our last three appearances at the tournament. Manager Frazzle will chip in with a few words of wisdom before the event with his WorldNet diary in the last few days before the tournament.

FirParkCorner are also pleased to announce a major sponsorship deal with local ale house ‘Jack Daniels’. JDs has been the drinking den of choice for the team over the last few years and after intensive daily negotiations, Frazzle was delighted to emerge with a five figure (including the decimal point) sum from bar manager Colin. The new strips will be worn with pride at the Leeds tournament for their debut outing.