FirParkCorner FC at Leeds (1)

Last updated : 26 July 2006 By Fraz

Spirits were high as the opening day of the Worldnet festivities happened to coincide with the gaffer's 21st birthday, so his usual air of authority was shattered as his team ran amok with schoolboy pranks and worse. The first mishap of the day was the bus turning up half an hour late, but there were few complaints about getting time for an extra pint in the bar!

As the FPC bandwagon set off on its journey, it quickly became clear that some members of the team wouldn't be making it out on the town for the evening's planned celebrations, with John Hendry in particular, guilty of slurred speech and clumsy movements. It is yet to be confirmed whether or not the big galloot was drinking on the bus or not.

A team bonding session....

The driver was quite clearly delighted to see the back of the FPC troops as he made the drop-off at Bodington Hall, with the offer of taking the offending Mr. Hendry back up the road with him quickly declined.

Once the boys had checked in, they made tracks to the Bod Bar to wait for star striker Davie Tonner, who had rather wisely chosen to body-swerve the minibus carnage. Upon his arrival, the first two things to come into his sight were a shower of Airdrie supporters drinking Buckfast ........and Chris Miller. To say his weekend didn't get off to a flier is a shocking understatement.

As the lads prepared to take Leeds by storm, news filtered through that John, who had been suspiciously quiet for the previous hour, was on his way to A&E after coming off second best in a clash with a window. What actually happened isn't clear, but apparently it might be an idea to ask the boy Cunningham, because he'll tell you.

The night rolled on to Yates' and then the Baja Beach Club and, as ever, neither venue was a disappointment. The only downer was the absence of Toppers Chinos and the famous Derek Wilson 'shower dance'.

I have to confess that the details for the rest of the night are slightly sketchy, but by breakfast time the next day, Frazzle and Mitch looked like they had spent six months in a concentration camp and there were clumps of hair throughout the corridors in the Boddington Halls. Take from that what you will.