GLF 20: There's only one.................Jamie Dolan(!!??)

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Some thoughts on Jamie


Jamie Dolan - not a name we usually hear being chanted by 'Well fans but recently that's what has happened. From being the man who takes a lot of criticism from the support, Jamie has been recognized as the grafter he is. Jamie Dolan was playing for Motherwell Boys Club when he was signed by Tommy McLean in 1987. He was a youngster then and his first team appearances were limited. He plugged away though and now has become a regular first-teamer.

A tough competitor in midfield, Jamie acts as a 'Colin O'Neil' ball winner to feed the more artistic flair of Lambert and occasionally Davies. At his best Jamie can spread balls across the park and make deep penetrating runs, before killing some poor unfortunate sitting in the back row of the stand. Admittedly Jamie's shooting has taken a turn for the better with several shots on target. Who could forget the Kilmarnock game where Jamie had just to knock the ball past the keeper but fell on his face. His poor goal-scoring attempts have been reflected in his Motherwell record - just six goals from nearly 150 appearances.

So what has changed? Alex McLeish has made the masterful decision to swap Jamie with Eddie May to let Eddie move up field with Jamie occupying the left 'wing-back' slot. This move has made a big difference with Jamie becoming stronger in the tackle and he has a chance to go down the flank to provide an outlet for the midfield.

Recently Jamie was linked to a swap deal which would take him to Tynecastle, with Brian Hamilton making the reverse journey. The move falling through was probably the best thing that could happen for both the club and Jamie, with him showing a new energy and zest for the game. The resurgence has proved to myself and most people that Jamie is a 'Motherwell' man who would be quite happy to stay at the club. Keep going Jamie!!

Derek Wilson

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