GLF20: They Graced the Jersery - Joe Wark

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No.1 in the series, well deserved.


No.1 Joe Wark

Throughout the 70’s Joe Wark become known as the best uncapped left back in the country, due mainly to the combined presence of Danny McGrain and Sandy Jardine.  Undeterred, Joe turned out consistently outstanding performances.

His many skills were legendary: tackles so superbly timed that Sekonda attempted a sponsorship deal; overlaps and crosses that Martin Buchan would be proud of and long throws that almost forced Fatima Whitbread out of the Olympic squad.  Unsurpassed though was his chest control, on one occasion balancing it there for almost 4 seconds while Hugh Sproat scrambled along his line to collect it.

Granted two testimonials for his loyalty and popularity, Joe saw Well use up around 7 managers in his time. He’s still fondly remembered on the terraces 10 years after his departure.  Remember ‘Joe Wark knew my father”?

Graham Barnstaple

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