GLF 20: A view from behind the goal

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GB has a few thoughts from behind the net


DUG OUTS - After the Celtic game at Fir Park in October I heard big Alex complaining on the TV about the location of the home dug out, which meant he lost touch with the defence in the second half. If this is really true then why not move them rather than accept the position they have obviously been in for a very long time.

This was further emphasised the following Monday on SKY when Trevor Francis said that at one time at Notts Forest Brian Clough moved the away dug out to a position half way between the centre line and the 18 yard line - this made their view of the game terrible and communication difficult. The only ground in Scotland I can remember like this was Douglas park.

Therefore, why don't we change our dug out positions, even simply swapping the current arrangement round would mean that the 'Well squad would be nearer the half way line. Or why not re-site them completely to our advantage, surely we need every advantage possible !!

STEVIE KIRK - While, like many others I regret his passing from Fir Park, I am afraid he went down a little in my estimation when he elbowed Jamie Dolan in the face behind the referee's back. This is obviously not something the big man was averse to doing while playing for us, but surely he could have kept this behaviour for other grounds apart from his former home. Does it also indicate a lingering feud from his time at Fir Park ? He was also taking a bit of a risk considering his brush with the law after booting the ball at the wee specky lassie at Tynecastle.

RECONSTRUCTION (AGAIN) - I was delighted when I picked up my Daily Ranger on the 15th of December when they stated that a 16 team league was on its way as Rangers were now behind the latest proposal. At last common sense prevails: 30 games/season, only playing each other twice, less midweek games and in the long run better for the National side. Of course on a parochial note it could save us from relegation again, in saying that we have been behind this change for over three years now, including our "successful" years.

But when it came to the EGM the vote went against it for various reasons, none of which make any sense. The most ludicrous was that the proposed new set up would not give enough games. I thought that we played too many games already according to everybody !! As for meaningless games, we are about ot see that this season as 50% of the league has nothing to play for as only 2 can win the league and it looks as there are three prime candidates for relegation. I still strongly believe that this proposal has to succeed eventually or fans will disappear in their droves, fed up watching the same teams at least four times per season.

Graham Barnstaple

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